Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rock-A-Bye Baby...(Part 3)

Not being able to snap one picture was really eating away at me.  So, this past Wednesday, being on medication for a sinus infection, I got it in my head to make one more attempt.  I thought I'd check with the Pres first so I said, "If I stand on the step stool and take a picture of the babies, will I get attacked?"

"No," said the Pres.

Grabbing the step stool from the mudroom with one hand and my camera in the other, I went boldly out on the front porch.  I simply opened the front door and screen and set up the step stool.  Neither Mama or Papa were in sight.  The coast was clear.

Climbing up on the stool, I realized that I still wasn't high enough to be level with the nest.  Standing on my tip toes and grabbing hold of one of the open beams with my finger tips to keep my balance, I brought the camera level with the nest.  Click!

Suddenly, out of no where, Mama came at me...wings a flutter, dropping the food that was in her mouth.  Heading back toward the fence and circling she charged like a wild woman once again.  I let go of the beam, wobbled to and fro and made it down unscathed.  Thank goodness because she was mad, chirping away, feathers all ruffled up!

I folded up the stool and went on in, apologizing to her as I closed the door behind me, thinking... remind me, never listen to the Pres again! 

However, to me, it was well worth the excitement...and taking my life in my hands!!  LOL!
It really was rather comical.  This small bird coming at me with such fortitude and conviction.  It just goes to show you what a mother will do when she's pushed to far. 
   Holy tail feathers! 
Look what I got to see Thursday, besides all the bird poop on the porch floor, a baby's butt!

And not far behind (pardon the pun), Mama came flying out of the thicket as bold as could be! 

Walking away satisfied with my pictures for now, I headed down the porch steps.


  1. She's a feisty one JP. You'd better watch your back ;-)

  2. Next time you try for a shot you'd better have the "Pres" there for backup.

  3. JP, wear a helmet! ;)
    Cute baby bird butt!

  4. baby bird butt. who could ask for more?! :)

  5. You are one brave woman JP! I thought the mama would come after you! lol They keep a closer eye on those babies than you'd think! ;) I think the baby was shaking his baby tail feathers at your! lol

    Have a Great Day!

  6. Strange how the Pres stayed safely inside after his sage advice. You were right though, the pics are great. Very sweet.

  7. Not nice to mess 'with mother nature' ~ cool pics and I think I would have tried the same thing ~ It is beautiful event ~ Birth ~ ^_^

  8. We mamma's watch our youngins' don't we?

  9. Great shots and glad that 'no one was injured in the taking of your photos!' :-)) We noticed a Phoebes nest above our garage today--I think they're moving in here too!

  10. Spring is a wonderful time for growth.. In the trees, flowers and the birds.. Now that I'm home I can see where the Orioles are making a nest near my bedroom window.. Don't believe the old tale that you can't handle a baby bird and the mother will abandon the baby bird.. IT's not true.. If one falls out of the nest just pick it up and put it back in the nest.. Nice pictures~! Glad you didn't fall that would ended up being a continueing story. LOL.
    Have a tiggeriffic day!


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