Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rock-A-Bye Baby...

While still trying to get a picture of the baby birds that are on my front porch, I have learned what attentive parents Mama and Papa really are.  Each time I sneak outside and up the creaky, squeaky front steps leading to the porch, the mother flies off.  Shrinking down within the nest, the babies remain quiet, never making a peep.  This is how it's been since the day after Mother's Day.

Generally sitting on the light post, Papa isn't far away either while I, sitting on the worn wooden bench, wait, camera in hand.  After spending so much time watching the family, I've got their routine down pat.  If Mama is not on the nest, she emerges from the thicket, lands on the fence on my front garden bed and sits.  With food in her mouth, she doesn't swallow.  She simply waits...and waits for the stranger on the bench to leave.

Being determined to snap just one picture of the little ones, I decided the other day to stand on the rocking chair closest to the nest.  Raising the camera up over my head and aiming, the rocking chair began to do what is was designed to do...rock

There's a lesson here...well, actually two:

  Do not stand on a rocking chair to take pictures!
Do not stand on a rocking chair because OUCH...the floor is NOT that far away!


  1. The things we'll do for a good shot!

  2. Sounds like something I would do!

    Cindy Bee

  3. i am getting a "picture" of you standing on the rocker... OUCH

  4. Yep, rocking chairs do not make for good ladders. Silly! Hope you are okay. :)

  5. crazy woman! SO something i'd do! those birds look like phoebes maybe?

  6. Rocking chairs are strictly for rocking, sitting down and rocking. Hope you are OK.--Inger

  7. Great post! I have also tried standing on a rocking chair. Not a great idea, but makes for a good laugh later. At least that is if you don't get hurt. Hope you did not get hurt!

  8. OW!
    I'm guilt of makeshift step stools and ladders..but my ego generally breaks my fall.

    Hope you're ok!

  9. Ouch.

    Feel better soon.

    P.S. Don't do that anymore. :)

  10. Did you at least get a picture? Hope you weren't hurt.

  11. I'm making a note of this because, as a grand master at falling on my butt, I would probably try it at some point. My old jump masters at Ft. Benning probably take great pride each time I trip over my own big feet and execute a perfect parachute landing fall, camera tucked into my belly and wrapped in my arms. Bumps, bruises and scrapes heal on their own....for the most part. Expensive lenses only heal through the application of barrels of money!

  12. I was standing on our split rail fence the other morning trying to clean out the gutter--What are 'we' thinking? We're such fragile little flowers, and don't fall like we did when we were 8 years old! :-) Glad you didn't break something!

  13. Did you get a picture!

    We do the craziest things sometimes; be careful down in the Hollow.

  14. gee, I didn't know there was a "because".... I thought it was just; DONT stand on a rocking chair, silly girl!! hope it heals well.

  15. I can't believe you stood on a rocking chair! I've watched my 7 yr old son do that to his little rocking chair. He has such balance it's unreal! lol

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  16. I can see myself doing that, especially to get a shot of wild life.


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