Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proper Poppy

It's been nearly eight years since the Pres and I moved here.  In those eight years, we've done a lot, improving the place and now we've decided it's time to "move on."   The other day in my post, I mentioned that the realtor told us about wood being a valuable commodity.  And it is.  As of Monday, our home went on the market.  We will be returning to Connecticut, closer to our family and friends!  I am very happy about that as a mom and a grandmother as you can well imagine.  However, I would like to tell you another story.

For the years I've lived here, I have always wanted Poppies.  Oh, I planted seed which grew into seedlings which I tenderly transplanted following the sun, soil recommendations.  Nothing.  Each year I would get the foliage to emerge, but never a flower...not a single one.

In between watching my baby birds grow right before my tear filled eyes knowing I was leaving the Hollow, I noticed one "different" stalk in my garden.  Watching it over the past few days, yesterday morning before the Realtor arrived, it appeared as you see above, with part of the pod still in tact.

Signing the paperwork with the Realtor, they placed their FOR SALE signs and left.  When I went out in the yard for my afternoon relaxation with the kids, there it was.  

It was a proper Poppy farewell, standing so erect among the other flowers, waving good-bye in the breeze.  It had found it's Home in the Hollow after all and is as ready for new adventures as am I!! 


  1. That's amazing!... and very pretty. Where in Connecticut will you be returning to? Perhaps you will be near This Old House? ....

  2. Are you still going to live in the country? Move to town? Still blog? Details blogfriend..details!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Moving is bittersweet..
    How wonderful to be close to the kids and grandkids!!!
    I'm with Cindy..we need more details! :)

  4. Well, I am seriously bummed we won't be neighbors any longer, and I will miss you. But I'm happy you'll get to be around your family! Are you moving soon, or waiting until the house sells?

  5. Although I am just discovering your blog, I can sense the saddness at leaving your current home. I guess there is no perfect answer. But moving closer to family is a very big plus. Change is always hard even when you choose it.

  6. I'm so excited for you JP -- a new beginning~!

    We had an apple tree that finally gave us apples at the old farm the summer we moved away. It was bittersweet. :)

  7. New adventures, how exciting! Hope all goes well for you.

  8. THat was a beautiful story. I don't know if you know Debbie at SImply Debbie but she told a story about planting tulips and a bird snatching one away! After her daughter Amy's death she noticed a lone red tulip growing across the street! It reminded her of Amy! I had a group of yellow tulips at my old house and one lone red one! Last year it popped up about the time Debbie told me her story and when I drive by my old house in the Spring I will now think of Amy forever! You weave a wonderful story! Anne

  9. oh this makes me sad tho. i know you're excited and glad to be back near family. but i will miss your hollow and your lovely photos and your funny stories, and your dog walking adventures on country roads and trails. i have a big lump in my throat...

  10. What a touching little tribute.

    I'm happy for you - and oddly proud too. I'm a person who is so freaked out by change that I fear it and I hate that about myself. I wish I could be more "hey let's try THIS next!"

    Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful move for you. The nice thing about blogging being that no matter where you physical address, your blog "home" is always nearby.

    Happy sales to you! May your beautiful home find a perfect buyer.

  11. I love the bright red poppy surrounded by gentle, pastel flowers!

    Good luck with the move! How awesome you'll be closer to family.

  12. what a great thing to happen. i have never seen one except for photos. i don't know how you can stand to leave your log cabin, if i had one i would never give it up. you are living our dream. wish i could afford to buy it. although i want one in warmer climates. good luck with your sale and move.

  13. Moving is always exciting. Can be stressful too but always exciting. I joke I was born with Gypsy dust on the bottom of my feet.

    If I was looking for a place to move I would so come take a peek :O). Lisa and I could run together!

    I am sure it will sell quickly.

  14. I'm sorry that you're leaving your home, but excited for you as you work towards a new chapter in your life!! I just hope you take us along with us!! :-))

  15. I don't know if I could leave that log house!

    But we know that home is where the heart is and family is our heart.

    We are still at home; it was our kids that moved away...I doubt I could relocate now.

    Good luck with the sale and relocation.

  16. I am late reading this (hurt my hand and was too hard to type).

    I am SHOCKED to say the least.

    However, I am always ready for a new adventure and I am sure you will find it where ever you go.

    It will be awesome to be by the kids.

    So congrats - hope it sells fast for you.

  17. say 'things happen for a reason'...

    is the poppy saying farewell?? or is saying stay?
    i love the pictures...and want to say have a fun adventure...where ever you should land!!

    hey! maybe the poppy is saying 'don't forget about ME!! take ME with you!!' :))


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