Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feathered or Furry?

Working in the yard yesterday, trimming and clipping the early bloomers' spent foliage, I heard a noise.  Looking around though revealed nothing.  As I inhaled, the fragrance of Honeysuckle became stronger.  I love the smell of Honeysuckle when it consumes the yard.  It is especially strong up in back of the barn.

That noise.  There it was again.  In the distance I could hear something chewing.  Although I was only about 170 feet away, I could not see what was going on.  Yes, Moon and Copper were into something and I needed to see exactly what is was.

Of course, although that fragrant Honeysuckle had put my mind at ease, my attitude quickly changed when I saw just WHAT THEY WERE DOING!  You see, a chipmunk was using this old birdhouse as a hideout and the kids didn't like it.  Copper was chewing on the pole and the side of the house when I got there.

Straightening the pole and placing it back where it belonged was the easy part.  Keeping the kids away from it going forward will be the challenge as it wasn't simply a hideout.  I think there's a chipmunk nest in there!!!


  1. The joys of living in the country are great. Annie and Mazzy take off for the baby rabbits nest if I don't watch them. Or will try to climb a tree to get to a robin. Bad children sometimes.

    Have a wonderful week end.

  2. Oh aren't they having an adventure though!

  3. I would so love to see a chipmunk, i have not seen one, so try for photos when the kids are not looking. when you sell your place and move to CT will you have woods and acreage there? or will you live in the city (shudder)

  4. And those geese do not seem to be bothered in the least by these carryings on. Probably just hanging around to see the two of them "get it" from Mom.

  5. oh dear. varmint hunting at its finest...

  6. Oh my goodness..
    Dogs take things to the next level, don't they!?
    It's not enough to hunt, they have to bring down the house while doing it! :)

  7. Oh those kiddos are always into something! Ben stays out of trouble now that he's a senior citizen...have a great Memorial Day sweetie!

  8. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts!

    I love your header photo- your home is so charming!

  9. Hello, I am a new visitor stopping in from Texwisgirl's blog. When I ead where you are living I had to check out your blog since we just visited NC a couple of weeks ago, specifically to Bryson City to ride the Great Smoky Mountain RR and to spend a day in the Great Smoky Mountains NP and climb Clingman's Dome (whew). We always post about our road trips and hope to return. Please drop into our place for a visit anytime.

  10. These pictures show the fun that they found! Well it was fun for them, I guess...

  11. Love it! They found the intruders taking up residence in the bird house!

    Have a Great Day!

  12. You're job is never quite done.


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