Monday, May 23, 2011

Cutters and Carpenters

While wandering around the yard and gardens the other day, I saw a carpenter go buy.  My thought was wondering where he's headed here in the Hollow.  So, I followed him.  This "carpenter" was a bee, are enormous and very plentiful here. 

Other thoughts followed suit revolving around carpentry.  

Loggers are working down the road from us and will be for a good while.  

My neighbor next door wants to have his property logged.  

The Pres has asked them to stop here as well...:(

Wood is a valuable commodity at least that's what the realtor said.



  1. I have lots of carpenter bees too.

    We sold walnut logs a few years ago and were very happy with that bonus money.

  2. There are quite a few trees I would like to fell and would LOVE to get some $ for them. No such luck!

  3. They started here yesterday. I almost cried when the first tree fell. :-(

  4. We have stink bugs here. Do you have those?

    I am not much of a bug person, but from what I understand stink bugs are going to be in such numbers this year on the east coast, as to be described as biblical in their numbers.

    Since they are an import from China, we have no real checks and balances on them here.

    And they have no real function here except to destroy crops and be annoying.

    I am not looking forward to this summer.

  5. i posted last week the one we found in our yard and i am hoping he was passing through since they damage wood.

  6. oh, i hope the logging is selective and still retains a lot of your beautiful woods around you. i'd be pretty sad too.

    we have carpenter bees in our shed/garage. pretty soon they'll bore enough holes that it'll fall down someday... dang it!

  7. I feel sad about the trees coming down...

  8. I worry about our woods going away too because the property they sit on is for sale, and I worry about where all animals will go, and the bees too...

  9. We have carpenter bees invading our new house.

    Cindy Bee


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