Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for...

Under the shelter of the screen enclosure to help protect you from the sun and to keep the Butterflies in, pretend I am taking you on a small tour of TheButterfly Farm in Aruba!

The Malabar Tree Nymph Butterfly originates from India.  They were abundant as I wandered through the tropical garden. 

Under the leaf sometimes, this treacherous caterpillar has spikes to ward off predators.  Some of them are even poisonous.

Did you know that the female Scarlett Swallowtail has two different patterns?
Did you know that certain Swallowtails prefer to lay their eggs on the Citrus plant?

Did you know that butterflies pollinate undoubtedly more flowers than  bees do?
Blue Morpho
 Did you know that the Blue Morpho Butterfly inhabits Mexico, Central and South America?  They are very fast in flight and quite difficult to catch stationary.  I was unbelievably lucky. 

The Zebra Longwing
Lacewing Butterfly
Tiger Longwing
Owl Butterfly, kin to the Blue Morpho
Atlas Moth Caterpillar

This Atlas Moth, about seven inches in diameter, had just emerged from it's cocoon that morning.  The tips of their wings are snake-like in appearance to ward off predators.  They are the only moth bred at The Butterfly Farm. 

As two of my good friends from the farm said farewell, my heart did not flutter as do the wings of their friends.  I was sad.  You all know how much I hate saying Good Bye.

In case you'd like to go visit the Butterfly Farm for yourself, here is their link:


  1. We have a butterfly conservatory not far from us. I am ashamed to admit this (but admit it I will) I really have an aversion to winged bugs.

  2. That Atlas moth is very cool.

    I heard all this happy squealing on the porch yesterday when I was watering the asparagus I'd just planted. I went to investigate and the twins were demolishing a caterpillar. Poor caterpillar. The twins had fun though.

  3. I didn't know hardly any of that!!!
    Love that Swallowtail- incredible colors!!

  4. Wow! The Atlas moth is amazing. Beautiful photos! What a fun place to visit.

  5. We get the yellow swallowtails when the phlox is blooming. They are so beautiful.

    Awesome photos, JP. I would have been in butterfly heaven. :)

  6. LOVE the owl butterfly! Amazing depth of color!

  7. The butterflies were beautiful - and you even made friends there - awesome.

  8. we have a 'butterfly rainforest' the the museum...i keep trying to get there...but never seem to be able to...sooooooo, thanks for taking me there!
    LOVE the butterflies!! the zebra longwing is florida's state butterfly!!

    cool pictures!! :]


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