Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff Keeps You Busy

After being home one week, I am beginning to feel caught up.  Why is it that a house has that "lived in look"  even though no one lived in it for two weeks?  Dust is my enemy since I have bad allergies.  While in Aruba in that dessert arid climate, my allergies were fine, here in the Hollow, they are not.  It was time to dig out the Netti Pot and layout the cleaning plan. 

In addition to laundering the sheets and blankets, I decided that this would be a great time to switch out the comforters, welcoming the change in seasons.  It's a pain in the butt, though because you wash the ones you're taking off before putting them up in the linen closet and then you have to wash the ones you take out of the linen closet because they have "that" smell...that stuffy smell, which I detest.

Being a busy girl this past week, I had plenty of great weather here in the Hollow to dabble in my flower beds as well.  In fact, on Thursday while the fellow was here painting the family room, I packaged up as much seed as I had and sent it home with him, along with eight pots of perennials.  He was thrilled!  He loves the flowers, not his wife, and said he could not wait to plant when he got home.  I'd given him plants in the past which did well so he was anxiously looking forward to adding the new ones to his collection.

I still have yet to plant the seeds for those plants that don't winter over.  I will probably do that either this afternoon or tomorrow.  The last major tasks that I want to accomplish this week are window washing and the weed eating along the creeks (which held up so well with all the heavy rain we had yesterday!!!) as the grass is quite tall.  This year I will take the necessary precautions to avoid and prevent CHIGGER BITES.  After all, although I am old, I am NOT stupid!

Although I was concerned about the creeks yesterday morning, they were holding their banks.  Copper stayed with me the the whole time I was out there checking them out, while Moon took a few nibbles of breakfast and headed back to bed.  I wanted to show you my Morton Salt raincoat...stunning, don't you think?


  1. It's your colour.
    By the time you have everything under control again you will be in need of another vacation.

  2. I think we have one of those hanging on the back porch but with a round cap!.

    I wish I had someone close to give gardening stuff to; I miss my old (in age and time)neighbor ladies we had in town. Funny thing is, now I am one but no young people near who are interested in gardening.

  3. How nice of you to give him all those flowers and seeds!

    We need to catch up soon. I have a bunch of magazines for you! :-)

  4. What a busy lady you are! That vacation must have really done a lot of good for you!

  5. Yes, your raincoat is 'stunning' ~ you would fit right in here in "Glosta" ~ ^_^

  6. glad you are home safe and sound. what is it that makes clean things in the closet come out smelling. also things in drawers that are not used just sit there closed up and start to smell, also how does dust get in a closed closet or drawer. all questions that stump me completely. so now with paint and laundry you are in a nice allergy free environment. i tried to talk hubby into moving to AZ when we retired, we both love sunshine and do not like rain, and it is dry so no allergies. no deal, he is rooted in FL

  7. Love the raincoat! A nice bright way to cheer up a rainy day. Ha.

  8. you look like a crazy fisherman - like in those "i know what you did last summer" movies... :)

  9. I think you resemble the Travelocity Gnome with the pointy head, I mean hat, and all... :)

  10. yellow...and i think i mentioned before...noone needs a vacation more than the person who has just had one!! :)

  11. Look at that cutie pie in yellow - good to 'see' you. sandie

  12. Glad to hear that the water didn't come out of the banks at your house! I too have allergies. Sigh... I've been fighting a good one since February. Just finished round 3 of antibiotics 2 days ago. I think I have it fixed this time. knock on wood... I haven't tried the nettie pot. Do you think I should get one? I do use a nose spray every night that is prescription.

    Love the rain coat! Reminds me of the Morton Salt girl! My son has a yellow rain coat too! He reminds me of the man in the big yellow coat! lol

    Have a Great Day!

  13. Chiggers oh how I hate those things!

    We are doing a bit of home projecting ourselves and the house is turned upside down. But its a good time to get some deep cleaning done!

    Tile being installed in the whole house, well except for the one room upstairs my sewing room. Then I am going to do some painting of walls as well!


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