Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for...

Slowly leaning forward and after submerging my face, I felt the cold water cover my back.  It felt much colder on my back than the water now covering my arms and torso.  My legs kicked smoothly beneath the water's surface in an even beat.  Slow and calm, Jon had told me.  Left...right...left...right I repeated in my head.   I was amazed to tell you the truth how clear the water was as I entered another world.

After just a few moments though, something approached from the right!  As it passed, all I saw were shades of bluish gray.  The body was an entire blur as the water quickly filled the space it had taken next to and ahead of me.  That was enough for me and my imagination!  The music from Jaws began playing in my head.  You know THAT dun dun dun dun again and again and it wouldn't stop

My heart was pounding and I felt like my eyes were popping!  I had to get out.  I had to find Jon's wife, Elsa.  I felt like I was having a panic attack under water.  Good gravy, is that even possible?  I never knew you could sweat under water!!!  However, between my heart and my thoughts, I couldn't figure out which was racing faster.

to be continued... 


  1. You can still sweat underwater, but usually the water keeps you cool ;-)

  2. ....hmmmm...and then you woke up? lying on sweaty sheets and pillow... :)

  3. I can hear the alarm bells ringing.

  4. Now, I have a phobia about being under water and not being able to breath. Your post is playing right into my fears...

  5. i am humming the duh duh duh and waiting

  6. Your to be continued Stories and Scary and full of Suspense!--Inger

  7. Oh my goodness girl!

    Love and Blessed Easter. sandie

  8. I'm a little like that too...panicy in the ocean, especially the times I've been talked into snorkeling. I have to see what is all around me and that is hard with waves crashing in on you all around. Can't wait for the continuation!


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