Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for...

Obviously, the island of Aruba has many activities that tourists can enjoy.  However, on this trip, I was fortunate enough to see life as it is on the island thanks to many of the locals.

Nest Building 101...the finished product...:)
If you don't remember, click HERE.

Occupied Territory
Oh, I'm Handsome!

Olive toned
Overseas Take Off

Only One
Only Two
Nancy is hosting something fun at A Rural Journal - Your Sunday Best.  Come join us!


  1. What beautiful birds! I'd be in photography heaven. :)

  2. i like that ring-eyed...whatever it is...pigeon? peering down like he's expecting something to happen...or maybe spotted a tasty morsel on the ground...

  3. beautiful beautiful birdies...great shots.

  4. lovely birdies! those doves are so soft and beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Tourist miss so much by not getting off the beaten path.

  6. wow!!!! i like the only one bestest of all, beautiful

  7. Thank you for participating in Your Sunday Best, JP. I very much appreciate it. :)


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