Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for...

Nestled in between the large rocks, I spotted this cactus while walking to the shops located near the high rises.  Isn't it great?  Not far down the walkway, there was this large mass of spiny desert plant.

Needless to say I continued to the shops, wandered amongst the hustle and bustle and decided that I would much rather be on the outside looking to speak.  I headed back to the resort, where I changed back into my bathing suit, shorts and flip flops and headed off in the opposite direction to see a different world.

Now I know we are all busy with our gardens since the arrival of Spring, but nevertheless, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to show off some of the blooms from Aruba, with it's desert like climate.

Nearly feather-like, these white blooms seemed almost radiant as they used the backdrop of the various shades of green foliage.
And who can ever meander by the illustrious Bird of Paradise and not take a quick photo?

Not knowing what this flower is called didn't stop me from admiring it's blooms.  Vibrant and crimson in color,  they looked like giant scarlet pine cones!

Needle sharp thorns adorned this bush with it's yellow pom-pom like blooms.  Each morning as I walked the most wonderful scent filled the air.  Finally, near the end of our vacation, I found out that it was coming from this thorny bush, according to the locals.  The scent is extracted from it and used in various perfumed products.

Nothing like Nature
Can take you away

Nothing like Nature
Can show you the way

Nothing like Nature
Which offers so much

Nothing like Nature
Allows you to touch


  1. Beautiful pictures. Always nice to catch a glimpse of another reality.

  2. Wonderful photos...I never tire of your Aruba trip!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos with us. Sounds like you're having a great time :-)

  4. well this proves you are having a marvey time down there, it might be hard to go back to the hollow after all this.

  5. I could have borrowed that poem for my post today. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Aruba.

  6. love those lizard guys! and the blooms too, of course!

  7. Answering you question, as best I can, but Nature is not reliable, so changes will occur: Summer here is usually from mid-June until mid-October. Fall, I would say is November, but it snows then too, so who knows. Winter from December through March, but we have had snow as late as May 23rd, and spring from April to mid-June. This year the entire winter seemed spring-like. We are at 4,100 feet and I think the altitude makes it difficult to predict weather.--Inger

  8. Nature is always the most interesting photos. But nature is also the most relaxing place to be.
    Thanks for taking me along on your walk, I enjoyed it.

    Pamela Jo

  9. LOVE the lizard!! looks like he has a dewlap too!
    and LOVE the cactus!!

    awesome pictures!! makes me sweat just looking at them! ha!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and I love you blog. Added myself to follow you.



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