Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for...


After an relatively easy plane ride over the ocean and into the Caribbean, landing here made me feel like I was already on vacation.  Carry on in tow and immigration form in hand, the line for customs was the usual.  The airport in Aruba is always crowded.  The lines always long, moving slowly.  All available clerks work at their windows as the warmth and humidity fill the room quickly.
  There is no air conditioning.


This post becomes part of the A-Z Challenge during the month of April. 


  1. I have never been to Aruba. When we pick places to vacation we always seem to wind up in the mountains or in cool-cold weather places.

    Sounds like a slower way of life.

    Great start to the challenge.


  2. Quiet and chilly here today. We've had some rain, but it seems to have lifted at last.

  3. sounds like "Ahhh-ruba" to me... :)

  4. Aruba .... no AC??????? yikes!!

  5. Aruba .... no AC??????? yikes!!

  6. It's good to be home...Isn't it?

    Fellow A to Z Challenger
    Pamela Jo

  7. Aruba sounds nice! Nice post...can't wait to read more.

  8. Somehow I can't find it in me to feel sorry that you don't have any A/C, JP. I guess you're roughing it?

    Hope you are having a wonderful time. :)

  9. Aruba? Awesome! No A/C? Waaaaa!!!!

    Have a blast :)

  10. We love'll have such a good time!! Try one of the banana boat!
    Hope the A/C stiuation gets better!!

  11. Can you believe I've only flown one time? We went to California and Utah. It was a work trip for my husband and I got to tag along. The lines weren't bad back then. That was a good 15 years ago!

    Hope you are having fun!

  12. Great post and I hope you have a wonderful time. If I were there, I know that B would be for.--Inger

  13. I love Aruba. We went there last week for 14 days. I didn't want to come home. Love the people there. They are so helpful. Can't wait till we can go again.

  14. ...who needs A/C when you've got that crystal clear water...and beach bars??!!

    have fun! be safe! :]

  15. I posted "A is for Airport" but I was only going from Colorado to a dreary wet Illinois. Aruba sounds more fun.


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