Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Devil in Disguise


“Give me a memory of the color red. Do not write the word 'red' but use words that engender the color red when you hear them". The word limit is 600.


Anxious to see him again, I nervously paced the room.  Throughout the entire day, although I was involved in a flurry of activity, my mind was playing a game of tag.  Wear the black capris.  No wear the white.  Wear a white top.  No wear the black. What about that blue one?  I'd finally decided to just let it happen and go with whatever I chose.  After all, it wouldn't matter to him as he cared regardless of what I had on.  That made the decision easier.  How did I know that?  

Looking back, I honestly don't remember why I chose what I wore, yet now at this late hour, that was irrelevant.  I was on his street almost at the house...his house.

Knocking at the backdoor, I heard the small dog next door almost immediately begin to bark.  Standing in the doorway as I crossed the deck, he smiled and said, "Welcome to my home."  Looking at him once again, my mind, my thoughts unraveled.  Looking so virile, so bold, so bright, he was dressed impeccably and radiated more warmth than my crimson Azaleas.  The shirt said "STOP, see me."  I immediately thought, the color he'd selected was still his favorite just as it was back then.  It made him even more attractive than he was. 

We hugged and then laughed as I, too, had opted for a top trimmed with "our" favorite color.

The first night had gone well.  We were in a hit.  We were an "us."  I felt it and so did he.  It was time to head out.  I wondered if they would play, Elvis Presley's
(You're the) "Devil in Disguise."


  1. loved this,left me wanting to know more. i even felt nervous for you when the dog barked! found you at the red dress club, lovely to stop by and say hi. jane x

  2. An interesting exercise, to evoke a colour without naming it.

  3. You really captured the first date-ness of it all!

    I loved this: "We were an "us."" That's just such a great feeling, isn't it?

  4. Wouldn't it be fun to actually go back and relive the nervousness, the jitters and newness of that first date all over again?


  5. Too bad that kind of excitement can't last. You did a great job of capturing the details.

  6. loved it. jitters and all... my palms were sweating...

  7. Visiting you for the first time from Remembe(red). What a lovely memory...I especially like the "we were an us" line.

  8. Good morning - great story - it is hard to go back - memories are a great thing. The way we were . . .

  9. The shirt said "STOP, see me."
    That right there is what did it for me. Who could miss that?! :)

  10. Loved the line with your mind playing tag..
    I didn't get that this was a "first" date, I felt like it was a reunion. You knew him a whole lot better than a first date!
    You left me wanting more as well...


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