Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for...

Did you know that whether I am doing housework, baking, gardening, relaxing,walking the mountain when  I'm home or vacationing, I love to listen to my music?  Singing along to some tunes and humming to others, some energize me, some relax me, some make me feel young.  And why should today would be any different?

Adjusting the white backrest to the upright position and moving it closer to the pool, I sat on the bright blue woven mesh lounge chair and placed my feet up on the small white rectangular table.  It was time to relax. After all, I was on vacation.  As the Beatles' When I’m Sixty Four slowly faded from the player and the next song began to play,  the music was all too familiar.

Drifting back to my younger years as my thoughts took me to another world, I listened intently to the first few bars, anxiously waiting for the words to begin.  It was our song.  Closing my eyes and tilting my head back, it was like watching an instant replay, frozen in time. My thoughts recaptured the most perfect dance I’d ever had in my life.

He approached with his soft gentlemanly walk and making eye contact, he grinned and then spoke, “Would you care to dance?”

Taking his hand and rising from my chair, I felt what seemed like a million butterflies in my stomach as we walked to “our” spot on the dance floor.  My blue dress seemed all too appropriate for this dance with him. It was fitted and hugged my young frame as closely as I wanted and needed him to hug me.  Bobby Vinton’s Blue Velvet was playing.

Turning towards me and placing his hand on the small of my back, he held my other hand in his, curling his fingers snuggly around mine.  Eventually our palms would get sweaty as our young hearts raced.  My head nestled against his, we began the slow dance in perfect harmony.  Blinking occasionally, my eyelashes grazed his neck and his hold became more intense.

Halfway through the song, he brought our hands to his chest over his heart.  The beating of his heart filled me with comfort as I inhaled deeper taking in his cologne.  It was follwed by a deep sigh as my emotions took hold.  As the last stanza played, we gazed into each others eyes and smiled.  His cologne would fill my nostrils and his smell would linger long after the dance finished as he walked me back to my seat. 

Suddenly, the tune faded and the next "oldie" on my iPod began to play.  Now, back to reality, I wondered if he ever remembers that dance.  I wondered what my life would be like if I hadn't let go of his hand at all.

For many of us a scent or a sound can bring back a rush of remembrances.
This week, your memoir prompt assignment is to think of a sound or a smell the reminds you of something from your past and write a post about that memory. Don't forget to incorporate the sound/smell of your choosing!

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  1. You did marry him......RIGHT?


  3. Ah...young love.

  4. The last line really makes the piece on this one! Also, I hope you wrote this out by the pool!

  5. Though cologne is admittedly not my favorite smell, I very much enjoyed reading this.

  6. I like the image of the dance a lot. I have to admit that your first paragraph kind of took me out of the story. It was very present tense where your story is past tense and narrative. That said, I love the hand over the heart dancing... Very romantic.

  7. thanks for the stroll down...memory lane...

    (i pods are definitely one of the BEST inventions!!)

  8. i never know if you are writing memories of your own, or writing a story, which ever one is, it is really good and held my interest and since i never had an experience like this one, i shared yours and had Dirty dancing in my minds eye

  9. Some memories are so strong -- and the background music, when we hear it again, just brings everything flooding back.

    Great, great, great. Thank you!

  10. Great story JP! You sure do know how to tell a story!

    Hope you are having fun!

  11. Ahhh...very good. Like this story.
    And I REALLY like the "sitting by the pool part":)

  12. ha ha - laughing at dawn! :)

    loved your sweet memory of young love.

  13. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhh*

    Loved this. The intensity mixed with innocence, the cologne and his heartbeat and ..


    Thank you, this was a pleasure to read :)

  14. So when are you going to write a book? I'm waiting.--Inger

  15. That last line really pulls this post from a simpler musing memory to a deeper level of life choices memory. The blue dress, the butterflies, the hands over his heart, the sweaty palms, all so, so perfect.

  16. This is beautiful and poignant. I really enjoyed reading it and reminiscing with you.

  17. I loved taking this journey into your past with you. And that's exactly what your words do here- take the reader away.

    I loved this line: "My blue dress seemed all too appropriate for this dance with him. It was fitted and hugged my young frame as closely as I wanted and needed him to hug me." for its poetry and imagery.


  18. Precious memories from the past can sometimes be awfully sweet! Blessings jane

  19. What a sweet story - very well done!


  20. I love how the lingering smell of cologne sticks to you! The memories that accompany it can be so powerful!

  21. Very sweet- I know that Bobby Vinton song. When I was young I used to get him and Johnny Mathis confused- don't know why, but I did.

  22. I loved the descriptions of the dance. I could hear the song.
    And the last line, perfect.


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