Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back in the Hollow

Juggling my backpack with one arm and my small wheeled carry-on with the other, I entered the line to board. My purse was slung across my body so that was the least of my worries as I made my way onto the plane. Hoping for another easy flight, I climbed into Seat # 17F, a window seat right over the wing.

Flying has certainly changed “colors” over the years. It used to be that the attendants couldn’t do enough for you. Offering pillows, blankets food and beverages throughout the flight, they smiled willingly and graciously, I might add.

Oh, they smile now and are gracious hosts but without all the amenities.
One year while flying home, a stewardess kept staring at me each time she passed by. Finally, walking down the isle toward the rear of the plane, she stopped, looked me square in the eye and said, “Do I know you?”
Making eye contact I said, “You look very familiar. Where are you from?”
Long story short, she grew up in the same town as I did and attended the same grammar, middle and high school. Imagine that? We had a great time chatting during the flight and then she was off to make another connection and catch her next flight.

In four and one half hours, the plane landed smoothly in Charlotte. Gone was the warm friendly atmosphere of Aruba. Gone was the breeze. It was time to close the door on yet another adventure in my life.

Once the luggage was in the truck, there was just the three hour drive home before I got to see “the kids.”
What an awesome feeling it is to be back in the Hollow!  Vacations are wonderful and it's great to get "away from it all" as they say, but I've got to agree with Dorothy that there is no place like home!


  1. yep...i know just what you;re matter's always good to be back home!

  2. Welcome back!

    I never really like to 'leave' home.

  3. Yep, we always say when we go on vacation..."we love to go and we love to come home again!". Sounds like it was a marvelous trip...interesting story about meeting a friend who was your stewardess...small world sometimes. You are right, traveling is not what it used to be. Even with all the security and lines it can be stressful. When you remember going to the airport with family to see you off, getting on the p,ane, being served a meal and are right, it's all changed! Glad you are home and wonderfully rested!

  4. Great to have you back! I'm sure your babies missed you! :)

  5. Welcome home! I know the dogs missed you (I waved at them when I was passing by). We'll be back this evening ourselves.

  6. Welcome home....

  7. Oh, AMEN to that!!! Glad you're home safe and sound. I bet your pups are ready for a good long walk!

  8. So glad you're back home safe and sound. You were missed!
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  9. Welcome home! THANKS for taking us along on your adventure!!!

    Hope aside from the 'welcoming committee' all was okay on your return!!!

  10. Did you bring me a lizard or two?

  11. Welcome home - and isn't it amazing what a small world it is - after all?



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