Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WiFi here=NG

The WiFi here at the resort is NOT GOOD...it stinks...no, it sucks!

Just when I get on to try and read your blogs that I miss terribly....does that mean I"m a BLOG-A-HOLIC?...the server goes down and I get kicked off.  I just now asked at the front desk and she said, the wind impacts the signal.

Well, I'm no IT person but that sure seems like a lame answer to me.  I miss you all and all your storeis as well.  I'll certainly be busy when I get home!  I've been "on" for about 20 minutes and got to send two emails, and look at two postings!  Then whammo...I had to wait to get reconnected...

just venting...


  1. Oh I know what you're feeling! I've experienced some frustrating internet connections as well....and yes, it does mean that you {and I} are addicted:)

  2. Nice to hear from you tho!!! Sorry you're cut of from the rest of the world - but if there was gonna be a place for that to happen...

  3. Maybe just turn off the computer and forget about it until you get back?

    Aaack! What am I saying? ;)

  4. That really gets me when that happens here. I try to remember it is not the computer or the modems fault. Then I bight my lip and sit on my hands so I wont pick them both up and throw them across the room.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself despite the bad connection to the web.

    Pamela Jo

  5. I know the feeling, I'm a total internet-facebook-blogging junkie--You should see me at work when I don't get to check e-mails in between patients--It gets ugly! :-)

    Take care, be safe and visit us when and if you can! :-)

  6. Well, I am an ex-IT person and that sure sounds like a fishy excuse to me. Electrical storm maybe but wind? If I had to guess i'd say nobody there really knows what the problem is but it's easier to make up an excuse than to pay to get the problem fixed.

  7. Wind? I don't buy it!

    Okay, are you sitting down? Because I have big neighborhood news.


    Okay. Guess what came in the mail today?


    You're shocked, aren't you?

    Just when you thought we couldn't get another.

  8. oh good! i hate to say it...but maybe i'll have a chance to CATCH UP with MY reading!!

    when we go on our road trips...camping...we never have WiFi...yeah, i'm jonesing for a day or 2...but then it's kind of nice...with NO phone...and NO internet! :]


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