Friday, March 18, 2011

We're Where?

Red Writing Hood

This week's Red Writing Hood assignment is to write - fiction or non-fiction - about a time when you took a detour. Where had you intended to go and where did you end up?  Your word limit is 600.


Knowing that we had the long Labor Day weekend to party before returning to work on Tuesday, Cheryl and I threw our clothes into my VW and headed to Jersey.  We had high hopes of "beaching it" as well as partying in Wildwood, so we left right after work that Friday...right at 5:30pm.

Driving for hours as Cheryl tried earnestly to head us in the right direction, I knew we were lost.  It was because of that stupid detour we had to take.  "Who does construction on a Friday night when you know all the workers want to be out partying?" she had remarked as we negotiated our way through the orange cones off the highway and onto a road that "paralleled the highway."  Well, that's what the map said.

Exhausted and hungry, I began to feel lighted head and dizzy.  It's my body's way of telling me I have to STOP.  And so we did.  We were in the middle of no where with no sign of life.  Total blackness smothered us.  I pulled over off the road and onto what looked like a grassy field.  Her willowy frame climbed into the back seat to sack out while I stretched my five foot seven thin frame across the gear shift and the two buckets seats in front.  "We'll re-assess in the morning," were my last words to Cheryl before drifting off to sleep.

Hearing the knocking at the driver's side window, my eyes widened with anxiety.  There was a man in a uniform.  No, there were two and they had guns slung over their shoulders!  Waking Cheryl and telling her we were in big trouble she mumbled, "we're where?"  Obediently, I rolled down the window while she climbed into the front.  The guards continued to interrogate us through the window before asking us to exit the vehicle.  The standard questions.  Who were we?  Where were we headed?  Did we have any weapons? Identification please.

I had parked the car on a Naval base near Wildwood and now we were being escorted onto the base by these two uniformed guards to speak to the commanding officer!  Our original intentions were to "beach it" and enjoy Wildwood.  We did.  We were wined, dined and entertained by the United States Navy the entire day and that evening for dinner and dancing.  Escorted to the entrance by vehicles weight down with men in uniform Saturday morning, we bid our farewells and, once again, headed for Wildwood.


  1. This is great! What a story to tell!

  2. Sounds like a pretty lucky detour! Great story!

  3. Tell me that isn't true... tell this didn't really happened... did it, did it? I enjoyed this story throughout... the turning point was Cheryl asking you we're were?

  4. it is a great story, hope it is true

  5. That's not good at all. Those dudes mean business!!! What a crappy detour...speaking of crap, that's totally what I would have done in my pants!! Stopping from RDC.

  6. Love the story and love the way you write as well:) Have a great Friday!

  7. What a fabulous detour to put in writing! A story to tell for years to come!

    Also- I didn't see it coming at all! Well told!

  8. A great story. We'll all be taking detours now. ;)

  9. What a great ending and a wonderful detour. I loved reading this made me smile. If only all detours could be like that trip.

  10. What a story ~ and it actually happened to you?&*^ ~ thanks for stopping by ~ always enjoy your company and comments ~ have a great weekend ~

    Almost back to normal with all my new techie gadgets! Let's hope! ^_^

  11. Great story! Ahhh to be young and reckless.

  12. This is too good a story to be fiction!

    There were a couple of place that begged for a little more show v. tell, like some dialogue instead of "telling Cheryl we were in big trouble." And perhaps less about the drive itself, when the meat of the story sounds like it was on the base. What actually happened?

    I for one, would LOVE to know what the XO thought of two party girls turning up asleep in their car on his base!


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