Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Story: The A-Team

Did I ever tell you the story of "B A?"  I don't believe I did.

If you're old enough to remember the A-Team, then you'll remember BA Barackus.  He was the big, tough looking dude with a mohawk haircut and muscles everywhere!

Well, way back then, my daughter and her husband decided to adopt a puppy from the local pound.  Since this was going to be my first "grandchild" on my side, I didn't care that it had four legs and a tail!  I was going to be a real honest to goodness Grandma!

When they stopped by with this little guy, I immediately fell in love.  Pitch black, dark yearning brown eyes, huge paws and sleek and shiny as a polished pair of shoes, he gave unlimited kisses.  His name was BA.  The folks at the pound told them he was a Great Dane mix and he was going to be a big one!

They had him about two weeks when they asked me to babysit for him overnight.  Of course, I said yes and headed to Jennifer's to pick him up that Saturday morning.  They would be returning on Monday, which was a holiday, as they had an out of town wedding and were leaving at noon.

When I arrived at Jennifer's that Saturday morning, she told me to keep a close eye on BA because he had been very quiet all day.  Picking him up from the couch, I placed him in his crate on his blanket and headed out the door.

to be continued...


  1. just as i get in the story you stop. yikes now i have to wait until tomorrow.... waiting

  2. Add me to your waiting list!! ...I wonder what BA got into.....

  3. Ruddy 'eck..... Don't tell me you lost the little fella?! Em xx

  4. Clever ~ a serial ~ Just stopped by to say Good Morning and wish you the best in the day and also to thank you for your continued support of my blog ~ ^_^

  5. ohhh the suspence is killing me....



  6. I'm with Kymberly... You are the cliffhanger queen!

  7. I hate to be left in the middle - lol.



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