Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Story: A-Team (cont.)

After I unpacked his food, bowls, blanket and toys, I put BA on the leash and took him outside to "hurry."   But, I noticed that when he went, it was loose. Not his normal rambunctious self,  he was very quiet the remainder of the day.

The next morning, when I got up there were several small piles of vomit and diarrhea all around the kitchen.   Poor BA was sick...really sick.  He was lying on top of the heat vent shivering.  He wasn't crying, whining or whimpering...just shivering.  His nose was dry.  Wrapping him in a clean blanket and placing him in my lap, I called my Vet.  Telling him the symptoms, I was to meet him at his office in a half hour.

Greeting me at the door as I held BA snugly in my arms, I followed the Vet and his assistant down the hallway as he turned on lights.  It was time for me to let go.  Taking him out of my arms and doing a preliminary exam, he said, "He's one sick puppy.  We'll keep him overnight and put him on an intravenous.  As soon as the results come back,  I'll call you."

Leaving there, I remember only thinking of little BA...not even thinking of my daughter and her husband.  The next morning the Vet called and told me that BA had made it through the night which was a good sign.  However, when I asked what was wrong with him, he replied, "Parvo enteritis.  He's riddled with it.  He's holding his own for now."

Hearing those dreaded words,  I thought of my daughter now and how upset she would be when they got home.  My mind remembered the look on my Vet's face and the deep sigh he made, when I'd told him BA came from the pound,  He wasn't happy about that, since they didn't have a good reputation for cleanliness.

Later on that afternoon my Vet called me again.  This time, it was to tell me that BA had died.

Only a few days had passed when I received a beautiful sympathy card with footprints in the sand saying that BA would be waiting for those who loved him.  My Vet never sent me a bill for BA's care and a few weeks later, my daughter and son in law came by to show their new pitch black kitten.  My Vet had called them saying it needed a home.  It was healthy and feisty.  They named him Vern.  He, too, came into my life.  But, that's another story.


  1. Your vet sounds like a wonderful person. Mine is great too.. it helps when we have to do difficult things, doesn't it?

  2. Poor little feller. I'm glad he had you to take care of him when he needed it the most. :)

  3. So touching...I have held my own pups when they have been very sick and this reminds me of that memory. Your vet sounds just wonderful, sympathetic and compassionate. That's amazing in this day when so. Many are charging exorbitant fees for things like this. In September we discovered our dog had a liver tumor. We had to make the decision to put him to sleep when he got very I'll. It cost almost $400! Yours is amazing!

  4. Oh those dreaded words of Parvo or Distemper. Terrible. We adopted a young dog from the pound once who was vaccinated the day before adoption day, but had already gotten distemper. It was a terrible fight, but we eventually had to give in.

    Your vet was wonderful. And to then offer a kitten to the grieving couple - wonderful... :)

  5. Oh JP, I so understand what you and the puppy went through. We adopted Willow from a local humane society. We brought home a playful healthy puppy, and with-in 24 hours she was literally melting. I rushed her to the vet and she was put on life support. The vet said she most likely wouldn't survive, but after 24 hours on IV support she took a better turn. My vet did send a bill for $1200. and Willow's name was changed to Willowmena Parvo.
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  6. Oh honey, I was afraid of this after Part I.

    We pulled our new puppy back from the brink of Parvo on Christmas Eve day, many years ago.

    We did receive a bill - but we had him for another decade and he was the best dog ever - so it was $600 well spent.

    Bless you that you took such good care of BA right to the end. ♥

  7. a very sad story, most dogs do not survive parvo. our Jake did survive, for his story go to

    so glad you had a wonderful vet, our gave us a 40 percent discount on 7 days in hospital to save him because he was a rescue dog. thanks for sharing your story

  8. I'm so sorry you had to go through parvo with BA....such a horrible disease. Years ago, I lost a puppy to the parvo virus....totally devasting.

  9. I am so sorry the poor dog died. You vet does sound awesome however. Sandie

  10. Such a sad story. Puppys are so sweet,too bad you lost this one,getting the kitty helped,such an understanding vet. Blessings jane

  11. I too have lost puppies to Parvo but I have also saved puppies from Parvo. It is a very hard time when they get that sick and look at you with those sad eyes to make them better. I cry just seeing them.
    Your vet sounds like a very good person and a wonderful friend to animals.

    Pamela Jo

  12. I missed this post yesterday and remembered today that I needed to remember to read 'the rest of the story.' I'm so sorry to hear what happened to BA--When I was president of the Golden Retriever rescue, a puppy that was about 4-5 months old that I was fostering had parvo--It really is a terrible disease and if they make it, it is as close to death as a dog gets without dying--It's also very expensive to treat--The rescue spent about $6000 (yes, six-thousand dollars!) to treat this girl that did make it. She was lucky and today she's a healthy 6 year old...You were also lucky to have a kind vet who cared more for the pup than about the bill! I'm so glad that that another companion was found to fill the spot that BA left!!


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