Monday, March 7, 2011

"Powerful" Neighbors

I knew something was wrong during the night when I woke up and everything was pitch dark.  It didn't take me long to figure out that we had lost power!  Brrrrr...I was chilly as I got up and headed toward my "office" to grab my little flashlight.  Finding my way in the dark wasn't bad because I am very organized and leave things in their designated spot.

Grasping the mini Maglite and turning it on with a quick twist, I headed down the hall towards the bathroom.  Although it was a "little uncomfortable" sitting on the bowl, I quickly adapted!  I decided that I might as well stay up and light a few of the oil lanterns that are located in the dining and kitchen areas.  I sat in the family room chair wrapping the blanket around me sipping on a glass of OJ.

Using the old phone, which is the only phone that works during a power outage, I called Melvin & Jesse next door.  They, too, had no power.  

Waiting until about 6:30am to disturb the Pres, I asked if he could get up and start the generator, which he did.  Our generator is not big enough to run the entire house, but we'd be able to let the heat pump run as well as the pump for the well and our septic.  Besides, now I could make a cup of coffee!  

Meanwhile although I told the Pres to go back to bed, he stayed up.  Normally he sleeps until after 8:00am, which is why I take the dogs and walk so I'm not tempted to start doing anything in the house.  That way, he sleeps in because it's so quiet.   Anyway, since he was getting anxious for his newspaper, he headed down the road in the red Dodge Ram.  You see, normally Melvin drives down the mountain, gets his and our paper and then drops ours in our mailbox or hands it to me if I'm out walking.

When the Pres got back home, he told me what he saw.  I HAD to jump in the Wrangler and head down there to get a picture.  Of course, that was after I gave Lisa over at Two Bears Farm a jingle.  They had power.  When I got down the road, there they were...just dangling.  That explained it...old Mother Nature was working overtime!  The winds we had on Sunday were so severe that it sounded like a freight train was running through the Hollow at times!  

So, now, as I write this, the generator is still running and running and running.  The only running I'll do is perhaps to walk the mountain a second time today with Moon and Copper.  I'll have to go to the Y tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day...:)


  1. Been there a few times, JP. Is kind of spooky to see in your own area. Hope you get power back on soon.

  2. Well, they're all set up on our place. 3 trucks and a big bucket truck right in our front yard. The boys are going crazy watching the workers outside. They keep waving out the window to the guy up in the bucket truck, LOL, wonder what he thinks? Oh, and we have no electricity now either.

  3. Being without power is terrible,we have been there too. Glad you have a generator,we have a small one. Haven't had to use it yet. Blessings jane

  4. Those lines over the road like that look dangerous! Hope your electric comes back on soon! I read Lisa's comment so it shouldn't be much longer! A few years ago my husband bought me a whole house generator for our anniversary! lol It is the best present in the world when the electric goes off! Especially when it would go off for 3 days at a time. People laugh at the presents he gets but I can't help it. I love my generator! lol

    Have a great day!

  5. I hate losing power. In the country it just seems spooky quite. Plus you never lose power in the day time. Hope you're up and running soon.

  6. Don't you be tempted to go down and 'neat up' those lines. I know how you are about everything being put where it belongs.

  7. So you went off island I see and discovered your parka wasn't water proof (ha ha)..sorry about that.
    I'm in love with your enchanting house above and the old tele is so charming!! We were on generator before and may find ourselves on backup tonight as a storms been brewing. Yesterday we had flash flood warnings and the volcano became very belligerant as well (that may often seem more wild to those far away)..hope everything settles down your way! My best, Regina~

  8. Hope they get fixed quick. sandie

  9. Glad you have a generator.
    Hope your electricity's back soon.

  10. it has been 50 years since i have seen a phone like that, we had one the five years we lived in KY, had to call and operator to use it. our phones numbers were only two digits, like 34 was ours i think. or just ask by name. i would have jumped right in there to go see the wires to. if i were a cat, i would have used up all 9 lives because i am so curious

  11. Ahhhhh, rural living! Been there, done that! Once for 11 days with the in-laws living with us! We will not be repeating that again. We had a large automatic generator installed that is hooked directly to the propane tank. It comes on when needed and goes off when the power comes back. All we have to do is keep the propane tank filled....and we have to do that to live.

    I can run everything on the farm at once! It was the smartest thing we have every done.

    Sounds like yours will be on soon.

    Grandma had a crank phone like that....when it rang, it rang in everybody's house and they all picked up the receiver and listened in. I guess everyone knew it so no one was ever upset if someone just chimed in.

  12. WoW, kiddo, those are some dangerously low hanging wires. Hope your power is on soon. Ours was out for half a day when it was 32 below zero with wind chills of 50 below, and That, was cold. It didn't take long for the house to get frigid, and the generator was still at the cabin.
    Stay warm

  13. yep, losing power's a bummer...a generator at least helps to make SOME things a little BEARable 'til they get it fixed!!


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