Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing in Aruba

Since I didn't want you to be bored with airport pictures, I thought I'd get right to the "good stuff!" 

Iguanas basking in the sun near OUR pool!

A typical Divi Divi Tree.  Because of the constant trade-winds, the trees grow sideways!

I ran into this guy, when I was  on one of my early morning walks on the beach.  I've been doing three miles each morning...:)


I've nicknamed them Ricky and Lucy!

I had to show you this one.  These are Blue Morpha Butterflies getting "drunk" on the orange nectar.  Then they chase around the females of their species flirting until they have found "the right one!"

 This is the hatchery for the cocoons and chrysalis waiting for life to begin again.

Yes, the island, which is approximately 20 miles by 6 miles, has a lot of commercialized areas.  However,  peace and quiet abound.


  1. Glad you found some peaceful nature-filled spots! Enjoy!

  2. You bum! Here I am freezing my heiney off in 30 degree weather and you are chasing butterflies! ;)

    I'm so jealous. Can I come with next time?

  3. Love those butterflies! Wish I could do my 3 miles on Aruba instead of on the treadmill like I just did!

  4. Ahhh, what a great vacation! I love that turquoise colored lizard (so does Livie) and the butterflies, too!

  5. awesome, really really like the sideways trees, the divi divi and the other one, and i like that aqua lizard, feeling a little jealousy here. have fun

  6. I love the butterflies and all the other critters too - just have never seen butterflies like that.

    I hope you are having a great time there and missing us a little bit - lol.

    Have fun.


  7. Oh man, do I ever need some time on the beach! Two and a half months to go and I'll have two weeks of sand between my toes and a lunatic Lab splashing in the waves. maybe spring will get here by the time we get back.

  8. Such a beautiful place, tranquil looking,but does it compare with the hollow? have a great vacation! Blessings jane

  9. How nice! I just love the butterflies on the fruit. Great pictures.

  10. Oh I'm so jealous!! I'm sitting here with cold feet and wishing I was some place where I could put my feet in the warm sand! ~Enjoy!!~

  11. I love Aruba. One of my favorite vacation spots. I have friends there now, but I forgot where they're staying. Have a wonderful time and don't worry about me freezing my butt off.

  12. Now that looks like something I wouldn't mind to see! I love butterflies! I never thought of slicing some oranges for them to eat from. I'll have to do that when I start seeing more of them around my house.

    Have Fun!


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