Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pelican"s Brief

Or perhaps I should say brief pelican!  

As I walked along the beach tonight around 5:30 pm, I noticed a large, dark colored pelican floating atop the deep azure blue water.  He would then take flight, turn and dive into the shallow water near the jetty.  The trade-winds were so strong tonight that I found it difficult to keep my footing in the soft, moist, white sand.

Bracing against the wind, the pelican dove and dove into the ocean, then would swallow it's catch and simply float for a short while.  Tomorrow I will walk there again, hoping he will return.  Tomorrow I want to try and get a few pictures of the island's parrots that roost in the Divi-Divi trees.  A flock of them took off suddenly as I walked Monday mid morning and I wasn't fast enough with my camera.


  1. What are Divi Divi Trees? sandie

  2. I'm so glad you are having fun and seeing lots of things! Thanks for taking us along with you on your vacation JP!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. well...as usual...i've got some catching up to do...i think i'm behind here like 15 posts or whatever...yikes!
    no work for me today! yay! so i've been doing this since like 7 this morning!

    sooooo...you're on vacation? in Aruba? cool!! did you just get there? oh, nevermind...i'll move on and figure it out myself! ha!

    have some fun in the sun JP!! it's STORMING here today! :]


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