Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newsflash: "Topical" Updates

Realizing this is a little out of the "norm" for me, however, I felt that I just had to fill you all in on a few things:

(because, after all, what's excitement if I can't share it with a few friends, right?)
  1. Japan ~ Boop and her nephew are fine!  \
  2. She is coming home Wednesday...:)
  3. Did you all notice my new button?  It was created by Diane aka The Blue Ridge Gal .  Isn't it just WONDERFUL!!!!  I LOVE it...:)
  4. Helpful Hint:  Don't EVER hit yourself in the face with a pyrex dish.  It really hurts!!  The black and blue is unsightly and right on my cheekbone!
  5. Regarding my tool bench:  I bought one of those screw/nail organizers, hung it from the pegboard, did labels for my perennial seeds on my computer and keep the dried seeds in the drawers, which are, of course, in alphabetical order.  (Remember, I told you that I excelled in organizational skills?)
  6. Regarding carving the letters:  pencil them on first (I did free hand but I guess a stencil would work);  although the Dremel has bits that can to carving/engraving, I found that the Ryobi wood carver is much easier and uses less "muscle."  However, my Dremel is used faithfully to clean my garden tools at the end of each season, sharpen blades when needed.  Good investments!
  7. And, you all thought I just sat around all day!!! LOL!!!...:)JP


  1. The button IS lovely! Noticed it yesterday. That Snappy Di is a talent, isn't she?

    Glad your friends are fine. So much loss and unknown over there...

    What is it with you and pyrex? Didn't you drop one on your foot not too long ago? :)

  2. I noticed your button too. It's so much fun to have found you all back there in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Your button is beautiful and I'm off to check out Di's blog now.--Inger

  3. i am impressed at your organizational skills and also that you own and now how to use a dremel. i only know what it is because hubby has one, not sure what he uses it for. i don't do tools except hammer for hanging photos, screwdriver for screws. that is about it. glad boop is fine and your new button is really pretty

  4. Love your button and love that Di!

    Glad your friends are safe. Have a great Sunday, JP!

  5. loved the button,so glad your friends are safe and on their way home. I don't know very much about tools beyond hammer and nails. Blessings jane

  6. Hi sweetie pie! I gave you an award today. Please come by and pick it up when you have a second (away from your power tools!)

  7. I love your new button. It's going on mine asap! sandie

  8. Nice new button...just shows how tiggeriffic you really are..
    Miss reading my favorite blogs..Now that I have been home for a week and back in the groove, I can get to my favorite thing I get to do,,,read my favorite blogs and write in mine.
    Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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