Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Hire for DOT

This past week here in the Hollow, we had some pretty windy days.  And, because of that quite a few limbs and small branches come down.  I guess that's Mother Nature's way of cleaning up the dead stuff.  Her winds blow it to the ground.  Some decays and becomes nutrients and then some gets picked up by me!  I picked up the limbs and branches that came down in the yard.

         Today, while I walked the gravel road, I'd stop, tell the dogs to "wait" until I picked up the branches that were in the middle of the road.  I toss them off to the side of the road.  Well, if there small enough for me to "toss".   This one was a drag!  For crying out loud!  It was a whole tree! 

Angela (you out there?), I think it was you that asked me a while back if I can hear trees falling in the woods when we have heavy winds.  The answer is a resounding yes...sometimes when I'm in the yard and then occasionally when I walk.  In fact there are more than a few "waiting for accidents to happen" along the roadside.  One of these days, I'll scoot up there without the dogs and bring my camera so I can show you!

However, I'm a little leary walking without them.  "There's bars in them thar hills!"  Is that something that Davy Crockett said?  If not, he should have!  Because, the other morning, I think I saw one foraging down in the hollow that runs along top of the ridge.  Perhaps I'd better start "packin' my pistol."


  1. I have limbs down everywhere. This is going to be a major clean-up job. You should always take your gun with you. You never know what's in those woods. You may have to save your dogs. All I ever see are deer, rabbits and maybe a fox or skunk.

  2. Now that's something I need, a very small hand gun. I would feel much better with one while trekking around on the back of the farm. I told my husband just the other day that I wasn't comfortable taking long walks that far from the house. I don't really know why but I am not. I have never had a bad experience before.

    I know darned well I can't outrun anything or anyone any more...maybe that's the reason.

    I have Elm limbs scattered all over the yard! The slightest breeze and down they come.

  3. Really? You spotted the resident bear? Cool!

  4. Between the falling limbs and the wandering bears -- you do need to pack some heat and maybe a hardhat. :)

  5. I don't pack heat - most likely because I live in a sub-division!!! But I do have a little siren-thingy on a key chain that I keep in my pocket. It probably wouldn't alert any help, but maybe it would scare away anyone threatening me! (IF I could remember how to activate it!) ;)


  6. I love to walk in the woods too. My neighbor gave me pepper spray to carry in case I had a close encounter with a bear. I guess he was worried more about it than I was. Ha.

  7. Yes, it was me JP that asked about the trees falling while you walk in the woods! When the wind blows here you can hear a few trees that have fallen on other trees make a creaking sound of a door opening and shutting. It's a scary movie sound to me! lol

    Years ago we had a bear in our front yard right by our porch! It was traveling through because it was a tagged bear from the city. The DNR man told me not to worry about it coming back to the house. We never seen it again. Thank God! That was one brave bear!

    Be careful!

  8. We have a couple of large willow limbs that have snapped and are dangling above the path that leads around the pond. I call them "Widow Makers". ;)

  9. You probably need something more powerful than a pistol for bear,you might just make him mad! I would be terrified of walking where there were bears. I admire your courage. We have had a lot of wind here too. Well bye for now,careful of those bears! Blessings jane

  10. A hand gun wold probably be useless around a bear, unless it's something about the size 'Dirty Harry' carried. My bet is if it's only bear you are safer without! Late winter and early spring is when they are unpredictable (and hungry).

    Falling branches are a greater risk I think. Grin. ATB!

  11. Man - Annie Get Your Gun or Calamity Jane! You have an interesting life there.


  12. Amazing to me to think about living with bears. Looks like you were working quite hard out there.

  13. One night when we had an ice storm a few years ago, I was letting the dog out and we had lost electricity. I hurd 3 huge loud noises but could not see anything. Next day 3 HUGE trees were down in our yard, like dominos! Yes, I heard them!
    As for careful!!!

  14. i know what you're talking about JP...we have trees falling on occasion too...can hear that loud THUMP as they hit the ground...sometimes if they CRACK and fall instead of just toppling...that's almost a scarier sound! just yesterday...i counted FIVE trees down along our dirt road...i could see where someone had cut them back as they obviously fell across the road!

    it's apain in the butt...dragging all those fallen branches...luckily sam loves to BURN and uses the 4wheeler for dragging the trees!
    somebody's gotta do it!! :]laura


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