Friday, March 25, 2011

My Life: First Grade

 Today I'm linking up with Lisa over at Two Bears Farm- Memory Lane Fridays to remember First Grade!  Why don't you stop by as well?


Although I don't remember all the circumstances surrounding what I experienced in First Grade, some memories are still quite vivid.  My teacher was Mrs Dockum.  A sweet elderly woman, petite in stature and gentle in her ways, she always greeted you and spoke to you through her smile.  She was kindness disguised in clothing.  Everything about her was gentle, including her walk.

Looking back at grammar school, First Grade makes me shudder.  There were limited bathroom breaks... one being mid morning, the other mid afternoon.  Of course, you could never break the line when walking back to class from the cafeteria either.  Marching like little duckings all in a row, we would immediately take our seats upon entering the classroom.

At some point during the afternoon, I "peed" my pants, as I could not hold it any longer.  I had been too busy having fun, surrounded by all my happy classmates to even realize how badly I had to urinate.  Looking back, perhaps I was too intimidated to raise my hand and ask.  After all, that would mean that everyone would turn around and look at me.  I would be noticed. 

I do remember quite vividly how the twins, Dorothy and Mary, laughed and teased me about it drawing attention not only to my indiscretion but also to my embarrassment and humiliation.  To this day, whenever I see either one of them. they remind me of the incident.  Will they ever forget? 

As others laughed and snickered, Mrs Dockum remained her sweet patient self and escorted me to the girls bathroom, her arm atop my shoulder as we walked down the hall footsteps echoing on the linoleum.  Helping me to dry my tears, wash my face and asking me to put a smile on was just her way telling me that she cared.  That felt good.  That I remember very well!


  1. Wow! That's a long time for little kids to go between bathroom breaks! At least your teacher was so kind and gentle.

    But sheesh! The twins STILL talk about it?

  2. Well, JP, I hope those twins at least puked in the hallway so you have something to tease back about!

  3. I think 1st grade was pretty scary for all of us. You have a great memory. Me, can't even remember my teacher's name.

  4. my husband says i have the worst memory he has ever known. he must be right. i have no memory of first grade except the school name and i had 5 new pinafore dresses, no memory at all of teachers names in all 12 years, except the one teacher in 12th that i hated. i am wondering if anyone else is that way.

  5. God bless all the caring teachers of the world... :)

  6. God Bless your teacher and let me ask you something - when are you going to forget girl? Don't worry about those two twins! (HUG) sandie


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