Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Repairs

Last week, I decided that I should put out a few new bird houses and then attempt to do a few minor repairs to some of my existing ones.  While I was repairing (actually trying to save is more like it)  one of the nesting boxes,  I looked up and saw this sly devil...just sitting in the thicket near the edge of the creek...waiting...and waiting.  He sat there the whole entire time.  I think he was waiting for me to finish the repairs to see if they met his expectations.

Here in Virginia, the Eastern Bluebirds winter over.  I have several nesting boxes for these cheerful bunch.  Most of them are on the fence posts that are on the outskirts of the field.

This particular box, is near one of the creeks at the base of mountain.  It has been very popular with my friends for eight years.

 When I spotted it, the box was literally tilting to the side because one of the screws had come out of the foundation!  That's the top of the post with part of the floor still hanging on.  A few days ago, the Pres said that would make it another season even though it was lopsided.  But, thanks to the nasty winds we had the past few days, today the box was on the ground!  Obviously, it needed immediate attention.  While working on it, I noticed that one of my fine feathered friends had modified the original design of the home.

  As you can see, they've added a window on the South side...probably to catch those warm southern breezes that flow here through the Hollow.

But then, when I picked the box up off the ground, I noticed that they are apparently looking for cross ventilation (probably to reduce their monthly AC bill!) because...

They had begun some exterior work on the North side as well!
Anyway, realizing that I needed an entire new floor, I had to ask the Pres to get out the saw.


  1. Good Morning!! The start of my week is always so busy and it keeps me from reading blogs--I so enjoy when I can sit and catch up on posts on blogs like yours that I really enjoy!

    I don't know where to start...So I will just say that I was going to put up bluebird houses this year on my fence post. But the the person at the shop advised me not to because he said that snakes or raccoons would easily be able to get into them. I think he was right so I won't be putting them up...I'm so disappointed.

  2. I have a BB house that needs some work too.

    Did you know the squirrels will chew into them....anyway that is what I was told by my BIL who made me the house. The entrance hole had been enlarged considerably. I hope that won't put this spring's couple off.

    We haven't seen any here yet. The Eastern Blue Bird is our state's (Missouri) bird.

  3. Those birds on your property must love you to bits!

  4. I love old birdhouses! A few years ago, an elderly friend passed away, and I inherited three old ones from her yard. And come to think of it......they need some repair....!


  5. You got a building permit for that? ;)

  6. you are a woman of many talents, and a good thing you are since you live in the wilds of VA on all that land. a woman worthy of living in a log cabin for sure.

  7. We have a bluebird house on our porch and we always have a family. I love listening to the babies in the spring :-)

  8. I dont have any birdhouses,just some feeding stations for the hummers. I will have to get them out soon,tis the season! Blessings jane

  9. Had to laugh at Nancy's comment. :)

  10. Fun post. I am glad I became your latest follower!

  11. Don't you hate it when things get redone without permission?


  12. Oh you just reminded me that my boyfriend and I were planning to get some nesting boxes up at his place this year. With the insane winter we're having I'd forgotten all about it, and I bet he did too. Glad I bumbled over from Chatty Crone's today, and by the way - I am head over heels in love with your house!

  13. How funny JP. I spent a good bit of time just yesterday going around and checking each blue bird box. One even had a male in it when I rode up on the golf cart. I love to see their shock of blue against the winter scape.
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  14. You certainly do have lucky birds! I love the design of your houses.


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