Monday, March 21, 2011

Frank? Frank who?

A long, long time ago, my younger cousin was a member of the local 4 H Club.  She needed a project for the year so my Uncle bought three dozen Capons.  Since she and I did a lot of things together, I was helping to care for them.  You all know, I'm sure, that a Capon is a castrated rooster.  We had the big pen out in back, watering troughs, daily feeding schedules as they grew plumper by the day.  My Uncle wanted them for their meat, which is considerably more tender and juicy fed the right diet, and couldn't wait until my cousin's project was completed and they would be ready.

Do you know what happens when the caponization (castration) fails?  You get a rooster.  You all know what roosters do.  They crow sometimes a lot sometimes not.  HE did.  His name was Frank.  I named him after a fellow I had dated that summer.  He was a pain in the you know what, as he wouldn't leave me alone.  He was always calling, driving out "to the country" and "just happen to be going by."  I went out with him once and that was enough.

Frank was the first one to go, if you know what I mean.  He tasted good, stuffed tightly with that bread and cracker stuffing my Aunt used to make.  Although I was a little squeamish staring at his golden brown juicy skin when he was placed on the table, those feelings went away quickly and I cleaned my plate savoring the cranberry sauce and biscuit at the end.  So to you I say...Frank?  Frank who?

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  1. I learned something today. I never knew what a Capon was.

  2. So funny! I'm not sure I could eat food that I know...especially if they had a name. ha! Glad it worked out for you! Thnks for starting my day with a giggle!

  3. I learned something new today too,I did'nt know what a capon was either,and had wondered for years. Because as a child we had a capon one year for thanksgiving,and I have wondered for all these years what exactly it was that we ate that long ago day.Now I know! Thanks.Blessings jane

  4. You're a true country girl "Frank who? Pass the gravy!"

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've really emjoyed reading your posts here, and reading about Frank. My nan used to love a nice capon, (that's exactly what she used to say!) and I never knew why it was called that. Now I do. Ouch. Have a great week. Em x.

  6. I did not know what a capon was either! I knew it was a chicken of some kind, but had no idea they castrated roosters!

  7. Poor Frank....Just kidding. They taste the best when they are annoying! Ha ha...

  8. I never knew what a capon was - but I've got to tell you - eating something off the farm that I knew - would be tough for me- I am a wimp!


  9. Haha! Frank who? Poor Frank. Poor, delicious Frank. :)

  10. I had never heard of such an thing as a Capon! lol Poor Frank! And poor Frank! hehehe I don't know if I could have eaten him though. That's why I can't have critters on our farm. Great story JP!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!


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