Friday, March 25, 2011


Red Writing Hood

This week's prompt is simple: write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by the delicious shot. Word limit is 600.


Biting into the mouth watering treat he'd given to her for "no special reason," she felt the guilt.  Being very independent and occasionally aloof, she first thought about being stubborn and not taking it.  Then she realized that this was not just a donut and sunk her teeth into it.  She devoured the entire thing, savoring every last crumb!  He knew she loved it.

Let me tell you what happened and you decide for yourself.

They hadn't been to something like this since they were young and just the anticipation, once again, stirred up all those emotions and endorphins that sometimes lie dormant when couples are together for so long.  Natasha knew he felt it too.  His eyes always radiated warmth when he looked at her as that sheepish little grin that came across his face.  Perhaps it was the way he cocked his head slightly to one side.  There was something.  They belonged together in each others arms with each other.

Asking her to dance to a slow number, he held her ever so gently but with a certain strength.  His hold seemed to drown out the crowd as he placed his hand on the center of her back, ever so lightly pressing inward as if to say, "I care."  Smiling, she could feel her eyelashes skim the surface of his face.

The song ended and as they walked back to the table, an old "friend" took him aside.   Making her way back to the table, Natasha sat waiting for him.  Shortly after Vladamir returned, she came over placing her hand on his shoulder leaning down to whisper softly into his ear.  Looking her in the eye and smiling at her, Natasha asked if she would care to join them.  With her came the books and other paraphernalia she'd brought for the evening.  Rambling on and on about doing this, and going there, and doing that, she was beginning to get on Natasha's nerves as Vladamir listened attentively.  Natasha's hand remained on his knee, well hidden beneath the tablecloth, because...well, just because.  It had always been a good feeling for her and him.

Suddenly, Natasha got up and walked over to an old "friend" of hers and thought, I can flirt too!  She didn't bother to look back because she felt him watching.  They somehow could always feel each other even when no words were spoken.

Laughing and chatting with her friend made the time race by and it wasn't long before the lights came on and it was time to leave.  It was over It's time to leave, she thought.  Now she would, once again, have him all to herself and that woman would be a thing of the past...a mere interruption in the life they shared.

Driving home while listening to their favorite tunes, he abruptly pulled into Dunkin Donuts on East Main and this is what he brought out.  As she unwrapped the waxy tissue, she saw the pink, then the hearts and the sprinkles and then most importantly, his love.  Although he said it was for no special reason, it was Vladamir's way of saying I'm yours....forever.


  1. Ah, Victor the romantic . . . sweet dreams.


  2. Your stories blow my mind! Now I'm off to catch up on Copper and First Grade.--Inger

  3. "They somehow could always feel each other even when no words were spoken."

    I think that was my favorite part!

  4. Ahhhh...Natasha and Vladamir. Love them. :)

    This was fantastic. The only bit of concrit I have is the line where you say "let me tell you what happened..."

    Your story was story was strong enough to stand without it.

    Can't wait to hear more...

  5. Great writing. I liked the quirkiness of it.

  6. I agree with Mandy's critique. No need to build it up...if anything, it takes away from the sweetness of the moment.

    I love, love, love that paragraph where they are dancing. So tender and sweet.


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