Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Copper Parts

   Part 1:  This is Copper holding his Kong.  He wanted me to throw it for him rather than eat his breakfast.  Sometimes, he can be such a bonehead!  A lot of times, he won't even stop to pee if he's too busy playing.  Doesn't he know it's not good to hold it?  I don't mean holding the Kong either!

  Part 2:

 This is the other half which cannot stop wriggling and wagging.  I guess breakfast (and pee) will just have to wait.  This handsome boy has the life here in the Hollow/

P.S.  Today is Tuesday and we're heading over to WVTreasures for Angela's fabulous SHOW & TAIL...:)


  1. Very handsome dog indeed. My neighbors' male Yorkie will pee on the go. He'll lift his little leg as high as it will go (don't know how he doesn't fall over) and continue to walk/hop while relieving himself.

  2. I love dogs that get to live in heaven on earth! Lucky boy!

  3. copper sounds a lot like Jake, Jake will play until he drops and can hardly move and his tale never ever stops wagging

  4. What a sweet puppy~looks like he has you wrapped around that wagging tail!

  5. He is one big puppy - teehee - but what a happy guy. Looks like he is having a lot of fun playing.



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