Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost There

Guess what?  You are all going on an adventure with me!  Flying out of Charlotte, we"ll leave Saturday and arrive that afternoon.  I've never taken my laptop with me in the past,  because there was never a need.  However, since I was feeling rather melancholy about leaving you behind, I decided to pack the old laptop.  I have yet to master blogging via Droid unless I can learn it before Saturday!  But one way or another, you're coming with me and at least you know you're in my heart!!...:) 

Oh, one more thing.  I forgot to tell you where we're going...

A is for all of you
R is for some running too
U is for umbrellas in the sun
B is for butterflies having fun
A is for the airplane ride...and for the Antilles Island surrounded by ocean blue and wide!


  1. Safe travels! I don't have to say have fun, because I know you will!

  2. Lucky girl! I hope you have a safe and fun-filled trip. :)

  3. Have loads of fun! Sounds like a great vacation,Blessings jane

  4. Have fun! You'll probably be able to go online during the plane trip (not sure about the cost though)!

  5. so happy you are taking us with you to the islands. enjoy and have lots of fun for all of us

  6. Um, hey, I can fit inside a standard suitcase. I'm just sayin' ...

    I can be flexible. Really!

    Have a good, have a happy, have a safe!

  7. Well let me grab my, running shoes and shorts! Just take me a minute to pack.

  8. Oh, have fun dearie! Sunscreen!!!

  9. Have fun JP! Don't forget the sunscreen! If you can, will you bring the Sun back with you! Looks like Old Man Winter is fighting with Spring again and scared the Sun so much that it left us in the dark...

    Have a Wonderful Time!

  10. I'm sitting here with cold feet this morning and am envious of anything that will warm them!! Have a safe trip and I'll look forward to being taken 'virtually' along!!! :-))

  11. WooHoo! Can't wait to hit that beach with an umbrella drink in my hand!

  12. Hey - you lucky duck! I hope you have a fabulous time darling -and think of me being home and not in Aruba - while you are in Aruba! sandie

  13. How fun -- I'm really looking forward to a virtual adventure with you.

  14. JP, what a lucky duck! I'm so glad you decided to take us all with you. Does the Pres know were all going to be there? He might not be thrilled. I expect pictures of your browned feet resting in the sand, some sort of drink with an umbrella in it and at least one sunset shot. Am I asking too much? After all, you did say it was my vacation too.
    Have a great and restful time!
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

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