Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Across the Pond

 I met Diny, Menno and their daughter, Sylke while vacationing in Aruba a few years ago.  One year, I even met her Dad who was such a sweet man.  Although he has since passed on, he spoke to us about gardening and shared many stories with us from his younger days.  We laughed and smiled a lot!

For the most part, they are in Aruba the same weeks we are.  They, too, have a time share and it is so wonderful when I see them, that I get all teary eyed!  They are such wonderful company. 

This past May, when they came to the states, before heading to their home in Florida, they came and stayed here in the Hollow for several days.  It was so nice to have such warm, dear friends share their time here.  Both of them really like my small coffee maker and the coffee it made!  

Diny continues to work for KLM (airline) and Menno is not only a professional photographer but also a radio personality!  Yep, a "DJ!"  Boy, he has some stories of when he used to broadcast from a ship.  He was what you call a "pirate" because it was not permitted at that time.  

Although they have given me numerous gifts, the best gift of all is their friendship.
This post is dedicated to my friends from the Netherlands.  Menno is currently being treated for cancer, undergoing periodic chemo treatments at the hospital.  They are in my thoughts and prayers each day.   


  1. I call these wonderful people vacation friends. I also have friends like that I've met on cruises and at timeshare resorts. We e-mail and send cards during the year and can't wait to see each other. We find friends in the strangest places, like blogging.

  2. They sound like very good friends to have!

  3. They sound like once in a lifetime friends. It's great when we find people we connect with. Blessings jane

  4. Oh how sweet! God bless your friends across the seas... :)

  5. That is so sweet and am sending prayers across the seas too. sandie

  6. what a nice tribute you've done here to honor your good 'vacation' friends! keep sending them your positive energy... :]

    ((oh man...TRYING to get caught up here...GONE for 6 days...and 11 behind! yikes!))


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