Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the Barn

I love the barn that's here.  I've been told by many of the neighbors, that years ago, some of the folks that lived here, in this house, farmed the hills that surround us.  Of course, those hills are now filled with trees.

Around here, many land owners choose to have the property "timbered."  Apparently, it's a way to make money from your land.  If fact, over the weekend, when I saw my neighbor, Sam, he told me that he is now in the forest management since he retired.  What he's doing is removing the trees that are not "good" and replacing them with trees that are.  Smart guy, don't you think?

Anyway, back in the day, mules and even a horse or two used my barn.  Someday, I'll take you on a tour of the inside.  I love it!!

For today, here's a picture of the South side (where Moon is) and then, that's the West side (where that feeder is).

Did I ever tell you about that feeder???  Now there's a story...another adventure that I forgot about. 

Today, I'm heading over to Amy's at  Verde Farm  for Farm Friend Friday.  Please join me so we can enjoy the adventures that so many share!


  1. I love that old barn too! I will be waiting to see inside. Mine is so trashy inside, I would hesitate to take pictures of it.

    The Amish barn stars are a nice touch. Have you painted the metal roof or is that part of your roofing projects?

  2. it is wonderful, i love old barns as much as log cabins. wish the photo was a little bigger so i could get a better view. can't wait to see the inside

  3. I love old barns and I'd love to see the inside of yours. The stars looks great on the side of the barn.


  4. Your barn is just charming...the stars are great there!! Seeing the inside will be fun....can't wait for the feeder story!!

  5. Perfectly Charming and Beautiful barn!!!!

  6. It's a beautiful old barn JP! Can't wait to see what it looks like inside!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  7. I love your place - the house and the barn. The acreage - trees - everything.


  8. I like those stars on the barn - oh, to live someplace with my very own barn...what I wouldn't do...(sigh) yes, do tell the story about the feeder, please!

  9. What a great old building! It's sad that more landowners around here don't practice forest management. They just have the timber companies come in and clear cut everything. They haul off the wood that will sell and leave the rest to rot. It's sad to see entire mountainsides laid bare.

  10. What a nice old barn.. Haven't been able to read much of your blogs so I went to part 2 about the snake.. Yikes~! soaking your hubby with the hose was quite a chuckle~! I loved it~!
    The Valentine from Pierce was so cute.~! You are so blessed..
    Have a tiggeriffic Day~!~! Dave and I ended up picking up Ben after we went out to breakfast and taking him to the Dr.. He has a virus.. I got to spend the rest of the day with Ben. We had fun cuddling.. I read him lots of books and then we both took a nap.. ta ta for now from Iowa...:)

  11. hey JP! i agree with everyone...LOVE that barn! love the stars! love old buildings!!

    it's a shame really...when they come in and take all the trees! that happens around us all the time...there are fields of pine trees...that are grown just for the taking.
    one day it's a day...they've all be cut down and loaded up to head to the mill. :[

  12. What a wonderful old barn! am your newest follower. Stop by and visit my farm blog when you get a chance. Don't forget to say hello! Have a great weekend.

  13. What a fabulous barn! I knew you had perfect material for FF Friday my friend--this is great. Can’t wait to see the inside too. They are doing a lot of timbering around here--I have no desire to let me trees go--after they leave--it looks like a baron wasteland. I do understand why folks do it--I am sure they pay well but I just can’t let my trees go.

  14. I think I would be quite happy living in that barn. Very old and rustic.

  15. Old barns have so much character. I am looking forward to seeing the inside.


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