Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Squatter's Rights

Friendly & Felice

About two years ago, the Pres and I were in his truck with Moon and Copper in the back seat.  As we headed down the gravel road and rounded the corner, not only was the pavement ahead of us, I saw something up further rounding the next bend. "It looked like the rear end of a horse," I said to Joe.

Sure enough, we got up around the bend and there she was!  It was Chrissy, one of the donkeys that belongs to the preacher and his wife.

Chrissy had a bad habit.  She would always get out and go wandering whenever she wanted some male companionship, if you know what I mean.  As we approached her, I told Joe not to scare her with the truck.  He has a diesel and the motors are very loud so I asked him to pull over and shut off the truck while I went after her on foot.  I told him to keep Moon and Copper in the truck.  Instructions received and understood. 

I walked up to Chrissy, grabbed hold of her head and then I thought, this is going to be interesting because she's not wearing a halter!  As I walked along side of her heading back toward the truck, Moon decided to be her protective self and in the blink of an eye, jumped out of the open window and began barking incessantly at Chrissy.  I'm sure she was trying to protect me...my Mountain Moon.  However, all that did was cause Chrissy to turn and trot off in the direction that we just came from...back up the hill! 

I remembered I had a dog leash in the truck so I grabbed it from the door pocket and once again pursued Chrissy.  No, I don't have a picture!  However, picture me, wearing flip flops, walking a donkey with the dog leash wrapped around her neck down the road~ho hum and la dee da.  Yep...life in the Hollow...:)

Felice, Friendly, Chrissy, Harold (the hunk)

This photo was taken last May when my friends from the Netherlands came to visit.  It will give you an idea though of how sweet they all are.  Of course, in this photo you'll see Harold (far right).  Since Harold is around, Chrissy doesn't "go looking" if you know what I mean.  And she shares Harold with Friendly, the other female.  He's the proud father of both of the little ones in the picture.  Oh, and me...I just like to go visit.  I refer to this as "squatters rights"?

Head on over to Angela's at WV Ttreasures for her Tuesday's Show & Tail!  I have my schedule all messed up this week so I'm heading there now...better late than never!


  1. Handsome Harold has quelled the need to roam. LOL!

  2. Donkeys are the sweetest animals ever. I have lead mine home plenty of times with a dog leash. If you don't have a leash, they will follow for miles if you have a carrot.

  3. That would have been a sight to see: you in flip flops with a donkey on a dog leash! We can only imagine.....


  4. Has no one ever told you flip flops are not for country life?

    I have led a horse with rope laid around her neck more than once....

    You are a good neighbor!

  5. Usually they come over to our place when they get loose. Pain in the ass (hee hee).

  6. oh i am so jealous, i love donkeys. wish i had been there to help you with her. since i love dogs and donkeys this makes for a happy post to me.

  7. Aw ~ so sweet ~ love them ~ Do you get snow where you are? MA is snow, snow, snow this year ~ grumbling! enjoy the day ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  8. Thank you for the dog leash. I used it to lead a wayward 300 pound calf back to it's shed last spring.

    Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

  9. Love the squatter's rights! Too perfect! You're a good neighbor!

  10. You are a brave woman! When I have found my neighbor's animals out of their fences I always take a few pictures, hehehe, then I go to their house or call them and let them know they are out! I'm wimpy! lol

    Have a Great Day!

  11. The strange thing about visiting your blog is that your home, adventures, and terrain remind me a ton of a lot of my favorite bed & breakfast in Southern Ohio. Makes me want to do a double-take whenever I look. Only they have horses instead of donkeys. Thanks for sharing your tales with us!

  12. Thanks for my giggle of the day...flip-flops and donkey lead...too fun! What'll it be tomorrow??/ Always a new adventure!!!

  13. I would have LOVED to see that! sandie

  14. Oh what a little harlot she was..lol..just a wondering, looking for a man....glad she finally found one and is staying close to home. I am still lol, thank you for the smiles. They are adorable animals....I love mules.

  15. OH I LOVE DONKEYS!!! (pronounced DUNKIES) they're one of those animals that make me smile just looking at them!!

    funny...adventure...as always!! :]


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