Sunday, February 13, 2011

She's On Her Way

Looking out from the family room doors, I spotted something way out in the field up on the hill.  It was really difficult to see what it was.  Although I'm still not sure, I think it may have been a cat.  The "watch dogs" were napping.  It had been a busy morning.  It was still pretty early.  I wonder if if was a Bobcat.  We have them here...I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and camera close by.

After I had washed the master bathroom floors on my hands and knees and had given the entire bathroom an thorough cleaning, I headed outside.  Dressed in my winter jacket and boots (it was 24), I climbed over the perennial garden fence so I could wash the bay window on the front of the house.  I needed to be sure that I would see her arrive!  After all, when she pulls in my driveway, that window is the first thing you see, so I wanted it at least presentable.  While walking through the stubs of my plants, I noticed the daffodils peeping their heads up out of the ground as well as the Snow-bells and even quite a bit of growth emerging from the Sedum.  Just seeing life begin again gives me pleasure!

Then, I thought...Holy Moosepoops!  I'd better take down the snowman. So, he was the next task on my list.

So, it's official.  He's "all gone".  My snowman doesn't melt, as you can see.  Mine folds.  Oh, and if you remind me, I'll tell you how to make one.  It's a piece of cake...:)

P.S.  Now I've run on again and never got to tell you who's coming!  Oh well, next time perhaps...:)


  1. It must have been house-cleaning day yesterday.

    I dismantled the shower doors and tried to clean all that build up gunk. I have vowed to do it monthly now.
    I hate shower doors!

    Hope you get a picture of the whatever you saw creature.

  2. you just love to keep that suspense going...ha!! i'll make a special trip here tomorrow to find out WHO/WHAT ARRIVED...(cause i don't usually get on here mondays...) folding snowman!
    yay! seeing the little subtle signs of nice, eh?

    sam & i did some spring cleaning friday & yesterday...still soooo much to do...but we're getting started!

    Happy Sunday JP! :laura

  3. We did massive house cleaning too. Paul and I watched a few episodes of Hoarders Friday night for motivation, lol. Then we decluttered and sent about 5 thirty gallon trash bags of clothes/shoes/junk plus 3 huge boxes of books to Goodwill. We needed to do it!

  4. how cool, a folding snowman. can't wait to see who will arrive and see that clean window. also probably get to sleep in the room with the clean floor. waiting

  5. HELLO! I'm so sorry that life has kept me from visiting your blog over the last several days. I've enjoyed catching up, and and reading your posts this morning.

    I had to chuckle that you cleaned your window so you could take pictures when 'it' arrives. I remember doing the same thing awhile back--The cleaner froze to the window, but in the end it was clean, but was it really 'that' dirty to start? (yeah!)

    I looked for signs of spring too, none here yet...I'm hopeful...any day! Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. That snowman is so cute. I have a big front window that always seems to have kitty nose prints and dog paw prints on it that need cleaned away. Can hardly wait to start seeing those signs of spring, but we have more snow to melt away first.

  7. Bye cute snowman! 'Til next year!

  8. We still have real snowmen here - but they do say we might get a bit of rain mixed in with snow later today or tomorrow.

    I'm just wondering when I will see the raccoon gang return - soon, I hope. ATB!

  9. You just really love to keep us in suspense, don't you??!! ;)


  10. My windows have a ton of winter dirt on them. I think the next warm spell I'll do that, but was busy today just enjoying the fact that it was warm outside. Why spoil it with window washing was my way of thinking.

    Oh, an my daffodils pushed up through the ground about two weeks ago!!


  11. hahaha...awww....can't believe you had to hide him away already;)))

    Can't say I'm going to be all that sad to see real snow go though:))
    Have a wonderful new week!!!!

  12. Oh my goodness cleaning on your hands and knees - haven't been able to do that in awhile. A lot of gals cleaned today.


  13. My sister would go nuts over that snowman. She collects them to the point of having a special Snowman Christmas Tree in addition to a normal family Christmas Tree.

  14. I love the snow man and would love to know how to make him. What a great Christmas gift he would make for my DILs next year. They all love snowmen. Now I got to go rest, just reading all that you've done has wore me she appricates all your hard work.


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