Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Real Class Act (Part 2)

So there he was...standing in front of the room.  I couldn't believe how he was dressed!  The slacks he wore were too short.  They were a pin-stripe.  They reminded me of a pair that my first husband had.  Actually, now that I think about it, they were from one of his suits.  Anyway, his socks were showing.  That's how short them were on him!  The upper part of his body really wasn't dressed to impress either.  The vest he wore was plaid...a loud plaid no less and he had it buttoned.  However, the vest was far too snug on him because it was popping between the buttons.  His shirt and tie were acceptable.  My thoughts ranged from what a looser to perhaps he's a comedian!  He's just the first act.

I was wrong...completely wrong.  Then he began to speak.  His diction, tone of voice and demeanor were good, I thought.  At least, he didn't sound like a knucklehead!  He began telling the crowd about smoking.  However, he didn't talk about the dangers nor the risk risks associated with it.  What he talked about was when we crave cigarettes.   You know...when you're on the phone, or your nervous or upset, anxious, sad, lonely, etc.  Then after about thirty minutes, he told us all to "take a break."  "Go smoke your last cigarette because after tonight, you'll either carry them in your purse with you for a while, or place them in a drawer, or just toss them out completely."  I thought "sure, OK."

Following the rest of the crowd, I headed out into the hall to hit the ladies room and light up.  Then I decided that this weirdo was not going to tell me when to have my last smoke.  So, I didn't light up after all.  We all went back into Conference Room #4.

to be continued...


  1. This is getting better!


  2. You've got a stubborn streak! I love it! :)

  3. This had to be the same guy that taught my class, or I was in your class.

  4. hmmmm...(kinda reminds me of the SECOND hypnotist i went to YEARS later...she told me to relax...blahblahblah...then i could hear her turning the pages as she was READING the entire session. so distracting. NOT relaxing! oh man, i left there...and lit up!)

    so, we'll see where your story goes...but as usual...i'm in're good at that JP! :]laura

  5. So when are you going to write a mystery novel?

    Seriously though, I smoked too and tried to quit for 20 years. When Nicorette gum arrived in the early 1990s, I finally made it. Addiction is something else again.--Inger

  6. Oh, you are a TEASE!! This reinds me of a physician my husband had for a long standing problem though. We were referred to this man and when I saw him I thought, "this goes from bad to worse" feeling like he HAD to be incompetent because of the way he dressed. He turned out to be a phenomenol doctor and I respect him greatly. He helped my husband a lot...never judge a book by it's cover....

  7. hmmm wonder how this is going to end.... I was a heavy smoker for 13 years and i quit the first day i started chemo. I figured there is going to be enough cr*p being put in my body, i might aswell stop smoking. That was august 2008 and i haven't smoked since. That DOESN'T mean i don't think about it every day...


  8. I agree with Donna! You are such a TEASE!!! lol I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  9. I missed yesterday and got to catch up and now I'll have to wait for 'the rest of the story!'

  10. That poor man sounds like he needed some intervention for his wardrobe. Bless his heart.

  11. Part three - where is it? I'm waiting. sandie


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