Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Thin Ice

Does everything we do have to make sense?  If it does, I'm in trouble.  This is what I was wearing the other day when I decided to go up in air and land with a kaboom!

Well, what irked me more than the actual falling was the fact that I was wearing my LLBean boots!  These boots are known for their traction, wear-ability, etc.  I love these boots even though they're not the "tallest" on my list.  They are great for trudging around through snow, mud, muck and even just plain rain.  They are waterproof and although they are big on me, if I wear them with heavier weight socks, I'm good.   

Just an aside here.  Speaking of "waterproof, did you notice that I now have a watermark on my photo?  I'm so proud of that!!  Thanks to "Red" for her help and personal instructions, I'm also now properly copyrighted, too.  You can touch base with her here:  The Red Head Riter

Anyway, the fall.  It was my own "fall t"!  I should have been wearing these.  These are my Yak-Trax.  If you don't have a pair of these, I would strongly urge you get a pair for yourself.  They are outstanding!  You slip (pardon the pun) them over your shoes and or boots and they perform miracles when walking on ice.

Someday, I'll tell you about my fall that I took years ago on the ice.  That's what made me so paranoid about walking on ice, whether it's thick or thin!


  1. I once had a pair of LL Beans. I thought they would last forever; they didn't. Now I have Muck boots! They have been just wonderful in the deep snow and my feet never got cold when I was out in it over an hour yesterday.

    I am going to make DH get a pair when we can get out.

    We both have the Yak-Trax, and they are the only thing to use on ice.

  2. I had those exact boots for many years! I loved them--But one of my dogs chewed one up and I got a pair of Sorels this year that I think will keep my feet equally toasty and both on the ground! We don't fall like we did when we were 8 years old, do we?

  3. my niece keeps telling me about her yak trak and now i know what they look like. congrats on the copyright mark. i am trying to picture the yak trak on my sandals that i live in year round. ha ha... no traction needed here. but the boots would be good in the swamp

  4. Ugh, I'm so lazy. I hate the process of copywriting photos. I do copyright the blog though.
    I have ice walkers for my shoes too. Little things sure come in handy on the rare occasion you need them.

  5. You mentioned snow in this post today ~ how much snow do you get? wishing you the best in the day ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)

  6. Yak-Traxs are wonderful. I just can't seem to find mine this winter. I guess I'll just stay inside if we have ice.

  7. Love the clever "fall t". Just glad you were not seriously hurt - at least this time...

  8. Not much ice for us around here either. But it's scary when we do have it!
    Glad you weren't hurt. Be careful and use those yak-things!


  9. I bought a pair of those yak-traks for my mother-in-law who lives in South Dakota. She loves them!

  10. I totally agree with you...
    I got Two more pair of Yak Track Pros this year with the strap that goes over the top of the boot.

    I had to retrace my steps last year to find the one that came off in the snow SOMEWHERE!!!
    These are working out really well...
    Sorry about your fall, that's when I finally got myself Yak Tracks too!!!

    My Best

  11. I once fell totally not expecting it and flew up in the air hitting my head when landing, wooo! Can't figure your Yak-Trax out but I beleive you!
    Found you from your FUN name at Golden Pines!!

  12. I hopefully won't need them here in GA - but then again - after this year - I might!


  13. I've never seen anything like that JP! I'm so scared of falling outside in the ice that I pretty much just stay in and don't go anywhere when the weather is like that. Glad you didn't get seriously hurt! Gee, it seems like you have had your share of falls!

    Have a Great Day!

  14. well, can't say much about the snow and ice...since we don't get any of that stuff here...but i DO have boots like that from Bass Pro...SAME shoe...supposed to be non-skid...good the boat. uh-uh...i've slipped on by butt more than once! (of course i'm pretty accident prone...that might have something to do with it!) COOL yak trax! :]laura


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