Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Get It Over With...

Looking left upon entering
Well, even though I'm not proud of the mess, I decided that I would just invite you in to see the barn!  I mean, after all, you've been inside the house, so why not the barn.  Oh, and don't worry.  You don't have to take off your shoes or even wipe them off for that matter!

I will admit, however, that as I open the door, I ALWAYS ALWAYS have Moon and Copper with me.  You see, if there is anything in there, Copper will let me know!  Of all the dogs I have ever had, he is the most incorrigible! 

Looking straight upon entering

Looks to me like there's enough fencing here to do something with, don't you think?  I often wondered what the Pres is saving it for.  I also see some nice chicken wire in there.  I wonder what we're saving that for?

There's the tiller which will be coming out soon.

The stockade fence way in the back is for my American Flags that I make.  To learn how, click American Flag
Looking right upon entering

Then, last but not least...ta~da...the MESS!  It really looks  worse than it is.

One of the Pres' table saws and just a few of my flower pots and seed starter trays, hoops, stakes, etc.

But,I look at it this way...Spring will be coming soon, so the pots and starter trays will be put to good use after they're scrubbed and cleaned.  Then the mess will be less, right?

Right!  I knew you'd agree with me...:)


  1. I think that barn looks pretty darn clean! We always have lots of dusty cobwebs hanging from everything.

    I am doing some Milk Barn Cleaning now and I can verify the above statement.

    The old barn is wonderful.

  2. This doesn't look bad to me. I would never show the inside of any building on this farm. Well maybe the shop, where I store canning jars, flower pots, etc. We are having a wonderful spring day today.

  3. I need to come explore it in person. It doesn't look that messy to me. Mess is allowed in a storage barn!

  4. Doesn't look as bad as our attached garage, where we manage to squeeze in our two vehicles. I will NOT be posting pics of that!!


  5. That's a mess? I could only hope my mess was as organized! ;)

  6. thanks for the visit to the old barn. storing stuff is what barns are for, and i notice there is plenty of room for walking around to get to the stuff. good thing you have that pup to check it out first

  7. Once spring hits and you get those planting and tiller things out of there, then you can easily put up that fencing in strategic places, then invite that little Valentine over to live in your barn happily ever after!

  8. I love,love,love your barn & stuff, we all got stuff, and this is a wonderful place to store it.
    Thanks for sharing...
    I'm interested in the "american flags"?

  9. Why is it that men will save fence like that instead of putting it up? We bought fencing to put up around the borders of our property over 10 years ago. It's still sitting there! It drives me nuts because we have one neighbor that keeps clearing our land and if the fence was up it would make it harder for them to do it. I've seriously thought of trying to hire someone to do it!

    Have a Great Day!

  10. I thought I was looking inside my own barn for a minute, but then realized you could get to everything! :-)

  11. Looks like a typical farm building to me. You never know when you will need all that stuff.


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