Saturday, February 19, 2011

Law A "biting" Citizen

Well, I guess I just have to tell you about another adventure I had just the other day.  I was coming home from the Y and, as always, I was munching away on a nice juicy Granny Smith apple.  They're my favorite!  They are just so juicy and tart that they really quench your thirst after a two hour workout.  Besides, they help fill me up and they are supposed to be good for you.

Anyway, I had just finished eating my apple and was about to toss the core out the window, as I crested the small hill near the railroad tracks.  Suddenly I saw two State Policemen waving their arms up over their heads for me to stop.  YIKES!  Thinking I was going to get a ticket for littering, I quickly moved my arm away from the open window and put the apple core in my lap. 

I came to a stop, and as the younger Officer approached my window, the other Officer just stood in front of my car.  He didn't look as pleasant as the one near my window.  So, I proceeded to get my "handy dandy important paper keeper" out of the glove box and as I started to hand him my registration and insurance, he said, "I just need to see your license.  We only want to look at what you don't have in your hand."

Although I didn't quite understand that, I figured, they're in charge.  So I pulled my wallet from my purse and as I began taking my license out, he said, "I can look at it like that."   It was in one of those clear window pockets.  Without thinking, I said, "OK sweetheart".  He handed it back to me and once again, I said, "thank you sweetheart."   

Then the light-bulb went off on in my head!  Holy Moosepoops...what am I thinking, calling an Officer sweetheart!  Then I said, "I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to call you sweetheart, am I?"  A big smile came across his very handsome face as he responded, "You can call me sweetheart anytime you want."

WoW!  I thought...I was stopped by the police!  I can't wait to call my kids and tell them.  This was the first time ever (at the age of "OLD").  I was excited!  I drove off and once I turned onto my road, I called and left voice messages on both Jennifer and Jason's cell phone.  Later that evening, they called me and laughed so hard.
"Mom, you were not STOPPED by the police.  It was a SPOT CHECK!" 

But just between us, deep down...I was still excited that I was one of the chosen ones...:)


  1. Ha ha, I am sure he liked being called a sweetheart! You probably made his day!

  2. How cute! I can just imagine his handsome uniformed smiling self. :)

  3. i read your blog and was laughing so hard, i had to read it to hubby so he could laugh to. it is 6;23 am and we are sitting in the living room trying not to fall out on the floor from laughter. thanks

  4. You southern gals are not to be trusted....sweetheart!
    or you could have called him sugar, or sweet pea or darlin'. The choices are endless.

    Just another reason I love the south!

  5. That was made his day and he made yours!! Thanks for the giggle!!

  6. Hee hee, sounds like he was totally flirting with you!!

  7. Even though I have all those important papers in my glove box, have never had any problems being a law-abiding citizen, I always panic when I come up on a traffic stop! Glad you didn't get in trouble for calling him "sweetheart". Sounds like he was a bit of a flirt ;)


  8. How fun! I can almost picture this encounter on a television show.

  9. Sounds like an exciting adventure for you JP! I agree with Lisa! I think he was flirting with you too! I was a little scared there at first when he said you didn't need to take your license out. I was thinking they were robbers dressed as police! You just never know these days!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  10. WOW~! you can add this to your memory adventure~! I have never been stopped yet and have never been in a accident or have gotten a speeding ticket, not that I don't deserve one. I'm now 1/2 way to 134..
    That is so cute.. I'm surprised you didn't call him "Honey".. that seems to be a favorite word with you southern gals.. Very cute and very funny~! Wish I could of been a mouse in your pocket.. that would of been fun to see~!
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  11. This is funny and right up there with me calling the doctor I work for 'hon' last week! :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend and not getting blown away!!

  12. That kind of excitement I can do without, JP. ;)

  13. That was such a cute story - and you got a new sweetie... sandie


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