Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Off the Press

Yesterday, after working very hard in the yard and in the house, I was just waking up from a little nap, when the phone rang.  I bounced off the couch to answer it and it was our neighbor, Buddy.  He asked me what all the ruckus was down our way.  I didn't understand what he was talking about until he told me that a "couple of fire trucks headed down that way and I can see smoke from my house."  I needed to hear no more.  I went out on the deck and sure enough, I could smell smoke although I couldn't see any.

Then, not five minutes passed when the phone rang again.  This time it was Lisa (aka VARunner from Two Bears Farm), who is only a hop, skip and jump, so to speak, from me.  "OK, JP, what's going on down your way?  I've seen two cars head down that way and turn around and come back.  There's a car parked down near the end of my driveway and I smell smoke.  So, it's either Charles & Grace's or Richards.  And I know you always have the scoop, you what's going on?"  In a nutshell, I told her to stay put with the boys, keep her eyes peeled, that I was going to walk down that way and that I would call her back. 

 Well, while I was on the phone with Lisa, Joe got on the ATV and headed down the road.  So, when I got down there, this is what I saw.  As soon as I got down there, Joe headed for home.  I guess he'd had enough excitement.

Not me, though, I wanted an interview!  So I picked the fella in the navy sweatshirt and did my thing.

The fire was up at the top of this small ridge which was only about 850 feet straight up.  The Volunteer Fire Fighter told me they had a hard time getting the hose up there (being straight up).  Then he told me that the smallest truck holds 350 gallons; the middle size truck holds 750 gallons; the big truck holds 2500 gallons.  If they ran out of water, they would go to the pond down the road to refill.

"See, the problem, when you live out here," he said, "is that there's no place to get water.  It's hard top pump from a creek unless you can dam it up.  Down at your place, we'd be able to draw off your holding tank on the mountain, but that's not a lot for a structure fire.  And, 350 gallons will only dampen the edges of a small brush fire."

I also learned that a brush fire doubles in size in ten minutes.  Oh, and speaking of...this fire was at that
house.  If you 're not familiar with my neighbors, take a quick peek at :  The Neighborhood-aka-The Good The Bad The Ugly

Meanwhile, can you see this fellow in the woods?
He was helping to guide and hold the hose that was spraying up above.

Needless to say, Buddy and Lisa were right.  It was at their house.  According to the fireman, they were told by the boys, who live there, that they were in the woods cutting trees and one of them rolled and got away from them.  That's how the fire started.  Now there's a tall tale if ever I heard one!  I wonder what they were smokin'?


  1. That's right on the border of our land, Paul needs to go check it out today and see what burned.

  2. Brush fires can get out of hand very quickly. We can see this happen any time of year. Glad that no one was injured.

    Thanks for the info, "Scoop" JP! :)

  3. Fires scare the heck out of me, especially when you live out in the country.

    I remember standing out in our road and watching the neighbor's house burn. I even got questioned by the insurance people about the owners comings and goings that morning. I think years before their barn had burned.....they became uninsurables.

  4. Last week the neighbor next to my Neighbor to the South must have been burning trash in his trash barrel (in the high winds!) and thought it was done. Well I saw smoke barreling across the front pasture, looked out to see flames really close to my neighbor's trailer and called 911. I think someone else had already done it because the volunteer firefighters were there in just moments. They put out the stretch of brush fire using backpacks - I'm assuming they had halon or some similar agent in them. The fire came up to my neighbors horse trailer and garage and storage trailer. WAY too close for comfort. I couldn't imagine fires in your kind of woods and hills. God bless firefighters (retired or otherwise...) :)

  5. Glad they got that under control. That is scary.

    Just checking up on my blog reading after being out of town a few days and, yes, you are right. I probably did pass the paintbrush through my mouth when I was LM's age. LOL! Have a good Monday.

  6. Thanks for the fire info. We live in fire country and I am never totally relaxed about in the summer. I'm glad this one was put out without incident. And how fun that you and Lisa are neighbors. I just met her on her/my blogs recently.--Inger

  7. Hehehe...I can guess what they were smoking!

  8. I'm so glad that they got the fire out before it got to your house or Lisa's house! I've been through a forest fire that was started by my neighbor and it is not fun! They burned 51 acres of our land. Long story there! I will say that WV has a law that if someone starts a fire on your land it is a felony. If I find that my neighbors are burning on our property again they are going straight to jail! No get out of jail free cards will be issued next go round from me!

  9. I love the way you just get to the heart of everything. Wish you were my neighbor!

  10. fire scares me silly, but i do love to watch one. and i would have done exactly what you did, found out what was going on... you make a great reporter and glad it was not at your place

  11. So glad that didn't get out of hand! We only have volunteer fire dept. here as well. We have been told by a few people. If your place catches fire and its safe to get anything out get what you love because its going to slab... YIKES! Not a lot of faith in the volunteer fire dept. I hope we never get to test their ability. Luckily our neighbors seem very aware as well that we do not want fire getting out of hand here!

  12. Glad nobody got hurt. It really is dangerous living out of the city with their fire hydrants.


  13. I just read on someone else's blog about the fires up in that area. That's the only thing bad about living out like that. Hope all is okay. Sandie


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