Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Morning!

After I had my coffee yesterday morning and took my shower, it was time to head outside and feed the dogs.  It would be a lovely walk to the top of the mountain this morning...hardly any wind and hovering right around 32.  Lately, Moon, Copper and I have been walking up past "our spot."  The additional distance is not that much farther and then we're at the County line.

It feels like Spring though since I'm hearing and seeing a lot more bird activity.   For instance, the dogs, sniffing the bunches of dried grass, disturbed a Bob White who flew out and startled me more than them!  Then, looking overhead while listening to a strange cackling sound, I saw a  Pileated Woodpecker take off from one of the dead trees and head deeper into the woods up the mountain.

We began our trek down and back to the Hollow.  I love that walk.  As I breathe in the fresh air, expanding my lungs more and more with each breath, energy fills me.  It's a wonderful feeling.

We got back to the house around 8:00am, and since I didn't want to go in (and wake the Pres), I decided to "putz" a little.  I began raking up some of the smaller branches and twigs that were blown down from the 50 mph winds we had the day before.  That's one thing about the Blue Ridge.  We get wind.

At first, I filled the wheel barrow.  Then, once that was the pile got bigger and bigger full I began to fill the trailer.  Finally, I had to stop because nothing else would fit in the trailer.  Unfortunately now it was time for me to go in and get the key to the ATV.  I cranked it up and hitching the trailer with the twigs and branches was not an easy task.  But, I managed.

Hopping on the ATV and putting it in first, I headed towards the gate.  I told the kids to "wait" as I drove the ATV and trailer through, dismounted and then went back to close the gate behind me.  I didn't want Moon and Copper running the ridge especially now that Sam is retired! 

I headed over to one of the burn piles and unloaded the debris.  Then, I headed back to the gate where the dogs were patiently waiting and then ran along side of the ATV as I pulled in through the gateway and around the shed and parked.

Good work, I thought as I headed in the house to eat breakfast and start the sheets...:)


  1. Sounds like quite a productive morning. Today is supposed to be even nicer!

  2. You should of rode to Lisa's house and had breakfast with the boys and Lisa..course the dogs would of had to stand for along time.
    Isn't it just great to get outside and take deep breaths of the spring air.. IT's 33 degrees here this morning and very foggy.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
    until tomorrow ~ adious amigo~!

  3. a wonderful morning and you had fun,excercise and got a lot of work done early. i would love to watch the burn pile burn, i miss that. we are not allowed to burn anything in FL without a permit

  4. How would we get by without the ATV and trailers, we often say they are some of the most used equipment on this place!

    Sounds like a lovely hike! It does make one feel good doesn't it to get out and breath some fresh air. Texas being rather flat in a lot of areas, no mountains near me.

  5. As someone who has to rush off to work most mornings this sounds like a fantastic morning to me!

  6. What a great morning, JP. Sights, sounds, all that goes with the advent of Spring. :)

  7. Wow! JP you are a morning person! I can't function that early in the morning to take a walk and start cleaning around the house. Sigh... Maybe I should and then I would have more energy than I do. Do you worry about the trees falling when the wind is blowing and you are on a walk? Our woods was in a forest fire a few years ago. Every time the wind blows trees are falling left and right.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. Nothing like a little - notice I said "little" warm weather to get us working outside!


  9. were on a roll!

    Kind of nice to get things done and looking forward to SPRING....

  10. That sounds like quite the constructive morning!

  11. You did this all before 8am? Whew - what do you eat? Sandie♥

  12. I'm reading your post at the end of the day, and now I'm really worn out! :-)) I hope you've had an enjoyable day--It certainly had a great start!!


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