Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drink Your Tea

I noticed a lot of new things happening here in the Hollow now that Spring is heading this way.  Oh, sure the Daffodils and the Tulips and other early bloomers are peeping up out of the ground.  And each day, after I walk, I take a little tour around the yard to see what's new and sometimes what's old too.  Old is good.  I like old just as much as new!

However, what this bit of news is about today, is something that should make us all smile.
One of my favorite birds is back in town so to speak!
Thanks to a good friend of mine who has gotten me into "birding," I am trying to learn, absorb and remember various birds, their characteristics and their calls.  My favorite, thus far, is the Rufous Sided Towhee.  No, I didn't not take this picture.  I borrowed it from Google...:)

Listen carefully when you are outdoors.  Listen to a bird that seems to be saying...DRINK YOUR TEA.  Honest to goodness, that's just what it sounds like!  You will generally find these birds at lower levels.  They are typically only a few feet off the ground and, as you can see, they are as handsome as ever.  Actually in person, they are even more striking!


  1. JP, I have never seen one of those here...maybe we are out of their area. I will have to check.

    We enjoy feeding and bird watching.

    I just discovered you have whole other areas on your blog for me to check out. I will be visiting the garden section next. Baking and two favorite things.

    Have a super Sunday.

  2. Yes, I'll have to check to see if these birds visit our area - I've never seen one. Looks like a beauty!

    Have a great Sunday!


  3. i went to google and found the sound and it does sound like drink your tea. here is the link to the sounds of the birds. he is darling and i love to sit inour swing and listen to the birds, my favoirte sound is the cooing of the doves

  4. I never heard that about the drink your tea. Cute!

  5. cute little bird!!
    SPRING!! yeah!! i've been noticing the same thing...some of the little critters are peeking their heads out...venturing into the warmer weather! of course you have a little more thawing out to do than i have! :laura

    birds...say the darnedest..things...

    (JP...i saw your new copyright thingie...i went there and did the same for my blog! thanks! so much easier than marking every picture!)

  6. Oh I'm jealous! I've seen them in bird books but never in person. :)

  7. What a pert, sprightly little bird. And so colorful. I'm jealous -- I don't believe we have these here in Nebraska. :)

  8. Never heard of them. What a pretty little bird. I wonder if they are in Iowa?

  9. JP I love to see spring coming to the Hallow and I love wataching birds too! sandie

  10. I've never seen one but we have lots of others in our yard and I love to watch them. Right now they are starting to sing again, love that!...they aren't going to be happy with all this new snow we are getting!

  11. Birding is so much fun. I love the towhee-what a beauty :)

  12. I saw a Towhee for the first time last year--It became a favorite along with the Eastern Phoebe. I've not see either yet this year, but today I saw my first Robin, needless to say I was a bit excited! Stay warm--I'm hoping we're on the other side of winter!

  13. What a pretty bird. I have never heard of him before. I have recently purchased a Birding book since there are so many birds here in the deep South - I am going to start marking them off as I see them on my daily walks around the lake with Gizzy - and bring my binoculars! That's a wonderful activity to watch the birds of the air and water!

    Have a wonderful week and "drink your tea!" :-)

  14. PS - Have you seen the writers' challenge for April on this blog: I think it might be something you would enjoy.--Inger

  15. Oh, this is a new post..I thought I still was on the one about the fire, hence the PS. The bird is lovely, great photo.--Inger


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