Saturday, February 12, 2011

Connectivity...a thing of the past.

I've had it! I'm done with Winter! Last week, because it was precipitating and very chilly, I, like many other decided to spend the day inside.  And so I was...quietly blogging away every now and then until I lost connectivity.

Here in the Hollow, there is no such thing as "cable." There is no such thing as "DSL." So, for both television and my computer, the source of connectivity is via satellite.  The dish for the television is mounted on the side of the house and the dish for my computer is mounted on a pole.  You see, they wouldn't mount on the metal roof.

The message appeared on the screen "NO link to server." Now anyone who has had anything to do with computers in any capacity knows that that is not a good message.  I had lost connectivity and for no apparent reason.  There was no ice or snow on the dish, which is easily within my reach to sweep it off if there was.  Yes, I've done that a few times.

So, a service call is in order.  Oh well...I'll have a lot of catching up to do.  Until then, I get to go to the library.  C'est la vie!


  1. oh i remember using the dish...some years back...where no cable was on my dirt road of a street yet...and it seemed like everytime the wind blew...even just enough to ruffle your'd lose the signal!

    good luck...i hope you get your service call in and they respond quick! they hate it when they called off a break...

  2. we have cable but sometimes it goes out, sometimes just the internet and you should hear the moaning and crying from me when i get that message. last year we had TV and phone just the internet would not come through, i was without internet for 2 days and hubby was looking up divorce lawyers. ha ha turned out the cable from the house to the pole a rat or squirrel had chewed a hole through to the wires inside and the one he chewed was internet yet we stil had cable/phone service. if the power goes out we have NADA no phone and have to use cell. glad you are back

  3. Oh no. Hope it's an easy fix. FWIW, I think this time of year our connection is not as strong as normal.

  4. how frustrating! internet has its ups and downs that is for sure. love your barn post yesterday. we have a lovely old barn on the farm and the walls are so thick! here's hoping your service returns! jill

  5. O' I can relate to this!...hope it all comes out all right.
    I love your home.
    Happy weekend!and Happy Valentines

  6. Having connection problems is no fun...kind of like having no electricity...can't do a thing. Good luck with that! As for being tired of too!! But why do I think that feeling is as useless as the "no connection" message....ha!

  7. I do hate that feeling of being cut off from web civilization... Good luck!

  8. Well, look on the bright side? You'll be reading more! (Just trying to help -- I really hope your signal gets stronger -- I know what it's like to feel disconnected.)

  9. We have the option of through AT&T via modem, been there done that; salellite dish never done that and finally a couple of companies that offer wireless.
    I use one called Total Wireless, have a little receiver with tiny antenna on the roof, wire coming down to the computer.

    I still get that no connection method sometimes and I have to unplug all connections from roof to computer system and let it all reset itself. Don't know if your kind of system would work that way or not.

    I feel absolutely desperate without the internet!

    I hope yours gets fixed soon. I will miss your blog and seeing that log house in the hollow each day.

  10. Hope you get that resolved fast because you would be missed. Knock on wood, I haven't had any problems with my satellite so far.

  11. I hate when that happens! I can usually just unplug my box for a few hours and then it will come back on. I still am having problems with mine from time to time lately. We can't get cable where I live either. It's all satellite or nothing and I mean nothing. Even the box on the tv doesn't pick up all of the channels. We live on the flat land surrounded by the hills.

    I seen this neat thing that I thought you might want to sign up to get! We don't have one in West Virginia but Virginia was listed and I thought of you and Lisa when I seen that.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  12. You had no internet: I had verigo and didn't go near my computer! Somewhat better today, but still have a lot of catching up to do.
    Hope your service (and my equilibrium) is restore soon!


  13. We had sattilite at our old farm. Hated it. J is a big computer person as in worked for Compaq had websites the whole thing. I thought the dish was toast a couple of times when it went out. He was threating to burn the thing.
    Luckily we could save ourselves the service fee ($75) most of the time by re aligning the thing ourselves. Except after Rita, when we had to have the service man come out, and then fight the billing lady for the month we were with out it. (She said when the hurricane hit we should have sent them a email and stopped the service until the dish was fixed???? How???)

    Opps sorry to get on my soapbox.
    Love your place in the Hollow, and hello from my place in the Piney Woods.

    Pamela Jo

  14. I have to be honest as many times as I know you are in the woods - never thought of television and computer. I guess I just think everyone has it. Good luck to you getting it fixed soon.



  15. Here's hoping you're back up and running again soon good as new. I've been following the writings you've been doing in your blog, on the snake adventure and all. Quite good! (Even though I have an Indiana Jones hat I like to wear and feel the same way as he does about those dastardly slithery reptiles ... ) Anyways, I look forward to enjoying more of your posts!


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