Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another One???

Another phone book?  Does anyone out there "in the rest of the world" get phone book after phone delivered to their house? Seriously, I went to the old desk where the phone books are kept.  There are presently eight and they are all for the current year! 

Well, this afternoon, I went outside to play with Moon and Copper just like always.  While I was throwing a stick for Copper, I noticed an orange bag hanging off the paper holder next tot he mailbox.  I thought, good gravy!  Not another phone book!  The kids and I continued to play then, after filling the bird feeders, I walked down the driveway and crossed the road, muttering under my breath about phone books.

But then, something struck me as odd.  As I got closer, I thought that's not another phone book bag.  Oh my goodness, I thought, I forgot to go to Lisa's this week and pick up her stash of magazines that she sets aside for me!  I'll give her a jingle when I get in the house to thank her.

So, I set the bag aside in my office where my PC is and began blogging because I am behind.   Perhaps I should say that I sat on my behind and began blogging.  To tell you the truth, I didn't even look at the bag until it was almost supper time.  Then I brought it out to the table.  Well, to my surprise, this is what was inside:

PRESENTS....I love presents!

There was a big stack of magazines for me to look at.  There was a brand new Tee-shirt, which I'll wear walking the road and to the Y.  There was the bag itself which is so cool.  But best of all, Lisa over at Two Bears Farm left me her personal signautre...her calling card, if you will...she left me a snack...
a "Homemade Clark Candy Bar."

P.S.  It was delicious too!!!  I ate the whole thing...:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Glad those goodies found a good home before that evil monstrous possum hanging out after hours in your yard could find them!

When I cleaned out our phone books last spring, I found like 17. Here - go read - it'll make you feel better!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

surprises are always...a nice surprise!!!!
a bag filled with magazines, T and homemade candy! wow! way better than ANOTHER damn phone book!

(what a waste of paper...time...expense...especially many people actually USE the phone book anymore? i prob use it once or twice a the most!)

gld said...

Surprise presents are the best!

We just get three phone books, some of which are printed so tiny, I wonder who on earth can read them.
I select the largest print one and "dispose" of the other two.

Nancy C said...

I didn't realize you two were so close to each other! What a nice surprise from such a nice gal -- I love her blog. :)

TexWisGirl said...

I hate getting 8 phone books too. And that you can't recycle them! I've never tried burning them because all that ink in them is probably toxic when incinerated. UGH!

I love how you and Lisa look out for one another.

Dianna said...

Gotta love presents!


Angela said...

We get a lot of phone books here too JP! I tossed a lot of them this past Summer because I couldn't take it anymore. There were just too many. I don't even use them except to press leaves in for a craft that I like to do with the kids in the Fall! lol When I need a number I just google it!

I'm glad it was a present and not more phone books! You sure are lucky living next to someone so nice and kind as Lisa to give you some cool things like that!

Have a Great Weekend!

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

What a great friend! Honey, I get phone books from phone companies I've never heard of. I pick the one I like and put the rest in the dumpster. Please don't put your phone books in the dumpster without knowing where your keys are.

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't realize you two lived so close either - that is wonderful! I'm jealous.


Texan said...

What a great bag to find! I agree the number of phone books being printed. What a waste of resources!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh presents are better than a phone book any time or day!! :-))

By the way, we got a new phone book this week, so I totally identify!!

Sandy said...

I do not even carry phone books into the house...I stack them in the garage and take them to be recycled. Who needs phone books when you have internet access. I too had no idea you and Lisa were neighbors.


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