Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter's Rest

Inclement weather is coming our way
So I thought I'd take a day off to play!
First some rain, then maybe some ice
Look at these pix...aren't they nice?

This was taken on an icy morning here in the Hollow.  Everything had a coating of ice on it and it was just as beautiful as if coated with snow!

This is one my favorite pictures that I took that morning.
I call it: 

Winterberry on Ice

If I'm lucky at all, we'll get some snow
Then I can play with the dogs, you know.
So, while I sit home all snug and warm
I'll be watching my birds at the feeders swarm

Love many things...what is done in love is done well.
~Vincent Van Gogh~


  1. Lovely memories of the beautiful ice.....mine are of 11 days of no power with DH's "City" parents living in.
    I knew I couldn't survive that again in this lifetime.

    We had an automatic propane generator installed as soon after that storm as possible. It will run the entire farm and was worth every penny of the cost. We get lots of shorter power outages quite often. It comes on and goes off automatically.

    They might stay with us again, but I won't have to burn candles or kerosene lamps in the dark because they refused to eat their meals until what they were used to......I had a week's worth of cleaning black soot off cabinets!

  2. You've got the right attitude, JP. Sit back and enjoy, because there's really nothing one can do to stop it.

    Your photos and accompanying prose is perfect with a chilly winter morning and a cup of warm coffee. :)

  3. i am sitting on the sofa with my lap top, and just showed your home to my hubby, he loves it as much as i do, and we would so love to live in it or one like it. but when he saw the snow/ice he said NOT. he left PA in 1970 to get away from snow and ice and cold, do you think you could move it down the interstate and bring it to us?

  4. Better you then me sweetie pie. sandie

  5. Your photos really are beautiful, if I were sitting on a tropical island. I have the same mess here in my hollow, except I already have the snow pouring down. How many days til spring?

  6. Beautiful pictures! Stay warm with Copper and Moon!

  7. I've enjoyed your pictures, especially the one of the tree! I've been trying to capture a huge old maple that we have, and I've just not been able to.

    I'm waiting on the snow to come...I'm having my doubts...Hope you're enjoying your day!

  8. A beautiful place! While it's very cold where we are, we have not been getting much in the way of snow - yet. There is about five to six inches on the ground. The eastern seaboard has been getting a lot more! ATB!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photography.

  10. We got RAIN and lots of it! It rained all night into this morning. When it finally turned to snow it covered all of the water from the rain on the road. It is a icy wet mess out there right now. Not the right kind of snow for the kids to play outside because it is just too wet! I wanted real snow! You know, the kind that the kids can play in and make snowmen and sleigh ride. Not a icy wet mess!

    Stay warm!

  11. we got the prettiest snow, yesterday...clung to everything, a wet, heavy snow...

  12. the poet in you describes the snowy beauty perfectly!
    the winterberry on so very nice!!
    i LOVE the way the ice sparkles!

    awesome pic's!


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