Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanks to Friends

I have met some pretty awesome people since I began blogging.   Thanks to two of them, I am now the proud owner of this award.   So, to Nancy, creator of A Rural Journal  and to my sweet Inger over at Desert Canyon Living, who always has something nice to say about my stories, I want to thank both of you for appreciating me.  It's good to know that people care!

And now for seven things, you may not know about me.  This is going to be tough since I've been so open about so many things, but here goes:

1.  I am terrified of ice (and someday I'll tell you why).
2.  I am left handed in doing most things. 
3.  I love to snuggle and cuddle.
4.  I love listen to music and do each and every day.
5.  Most of the time, I take an afternoon snooze.
6.  I miss exercising when I can't.
7.  I just found out last week, after surgery, that there is no cancer which made me as happy as receiving this award!  They both brought tears to my eyes!

And the fifteen well-deserved bloggers on my list include:

 Carol who has taught me so much in such a short time @ Art Muse Dog
 Annie, my long lost sister @ Birds and Nature
 Sandra, Baby's Mom @ Four Paws Etc
 Lisa who taught me about blogging @ Two Bears Farm
 Glenda who has inspired me a lot @ Country Living in the Ozarks
 Shirley who lives life to the fullest@ Shirleys World
 Teresa who has sent my lots of luck @ Run-a-Round Ranch
 This gal LOVES life...:)  @ Texan
 Laura, my friend (the bone lady) @ Forest Walk Art
 Sandie, my friend @ Chatty Crone
 Donna @ Donnas Art
 Joyce @ Granny Mountain
 Cathy @ Living the Rural Life
 Ron who has something to say!@ The Old Geezer Blog
 Red @ The Red Head Riter


  1. Awww, thanks! I'm so glad the tests came back clean.
    I'm going to go check out some of the other folks you listed - I don't know them all.

  2. Congratulations! And very well-deserved! You have more style in your left hand than I'll ever have! :)

    And even bigger congrats on #7! I love it when you can report GREAT news!!!

    Thanks for naming my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it (you're just paying me back for the 4 and 5 leaf clovers, aren't you!?) :) You've named some folks I know and others I don't, so I've got some blog-hopping to do!

    Big Double Congrats to you!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your nice words about me. I got teary eyed when I heard about the surgery and cancer. I am so glad that wasn't it. I've been there -- I had breast cancer in 1999 and it is the worst before you know. Then you just deal with it. Now I'm off to find out what you crashed into in the ocean. I can't even imagine going in the ocean in one of those paddle boats.--Inger

  4. thanks from "baby's mom" and so happy for your number 7. interesting things to know about you.

  5. Oh JP - you are so sweet and thank you.

    And I too - feel a relief for you for number 7.

    I loved to hear more about you - it's always nice to learn more about a friend - and that is what I talked about on my blog today - funny,

    Love you,

    I will work on it!


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