Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Story of A Boxwood (cont.)

Now this time, don't get me off on a tangent!  So here we are, back at the Spring House.  Here's a picture of the inside.  That beam going's bracing the walls.

For the seven plus years that I've lived on the gravel road, there's been a bush that was always in the way as you round one of the corners.  Truly I had no idea what it was until I called Howard.   Remember my neighbor,Howard?  (In case you don't you can meet him by clicking My Life: The Neighborhood.)  

Since Howard ran a nursery many, many years ago, I knew he would be able to tell me exactly what it was.  All I really wanted to do was remove it, making it easier to see around that corner.   So one afternoon, I called Howard and asked if if he thought I would get in trouble if I cut down "that bush" that blocks the view.  He said, " JP, why don't you dig it up and plant it.  You'd be doing all of us a favor as far as I'm concerned."    It was during our conversation that he told me it was an English Boxwood.  "A Boxwood?  Really?" I said.  Now, since I always like to help others out as well as myself, I decided to give it a go, so to speak

I walked down to the bush and began digging, and digging, and digging.  I'm not sure how long I dug before I decided to go home and get the Jeep.  Throwing a big chain in the back of the truck, I cranked her up and headed down the road.  We had just had a nice heavy rain so I knew that this would be a good time to put "relocation services" to work.  Oh, it's not the first time I've resorted to "relocation services" here in the Hollow.  I've transplanted many a forest fern from the woods as well as some Virginia wildflowers that are becoming rare.  They were all lovingly placed near the edge of my creek to flourish with me watching over them. 

Anyway, I got down to the bush, wrapped the chain around the trunk and then hooked it back to the hitch on the Jeep.  I jumped in, put it in four wheel drive and slowly inched my way forward.  Finally I felt the tug and the jerk.  Good gracious!  I thought as I got out and looked at it.  The root ball was enormous for such a small bush!

There was no way that I could lift that sucker up nor was it going to fit in the back of the Jeep.  So, I did the next best thing.  Yep, I dragged it home.  Placing it in my big old metal tub that Margaret gave me, I filled it with water, letting it sit overnight.  The following day when I got home from the Y, I dug and dug and dug some more.  Of course, before I began digging, I had called Howard to get his recommendation on where to plant it in my yard.

So, that's the story of my Boxwood.  It now has a loving home and sits besides the spring house up on the hillside.  Actually, I've always wanted to make the spring house into a potting shed, but that idea has been vetoed by the President.
Kissing Balls?  You all want to know about Kissing Balls!  I was going to wait until November so you could make them right before Christmas.  And trust me, when I tell you they are the easiest thing in the world to make and the birds love them!!  The best part is, you don't use anything artificial, except the ribbon of course. This past Christmas, I had three sparrows that lived in it right up until...'ve got me going again!!!
P.S. And no, this is not the Kissing Ball I made. It's a "fake" from Google. I never took a picture other than on my cell, which is now long gone. So you'll have to wait again....haha!!


  1. I vote with the President...don't mess with that Spring is there still water coming out of the spring.....I need a picture please.

    I do love your Hollow (we would call it holler here in the Ozarks) It makes me happy when I open you blog and see that house.

  2. We planted a whole mess of boxwoods when we first moved here. (We were stupid, umm I mean un-initiated, back then!) Every one of them d-i-e-d.
    Too cold up here I think.

    I'm so glad yours made it! They are beautiful shrubs.

  3. well...all that hard work...and for a good cause! now the boxwood is relocated! but you're not going to get rid of the spring house are you??!

    as for the kissing ball...kinda what i thought...looks like a boxwood mistletoe? but bigger than a holly mistletoe. i'll have to locate a boxwood for next year...and hopefully they won't mind if i cut a few branches??

    seeya! :] laura

  4. Dang if you're not brave to google kissing ball images.
    I know exactly which boxwood you took. In front of my friend the empty bus I need to explore.

  5. You have a lovely house Pam,I do like opening your blog and seeing that picture. Good luck with the spring house project!

  6. i have seen these in the stores, but did not know what they were called. i am betting yours is much prettier with your very own boxwood. love that story. we have a bouganvilla in our front yard, it is about 12 feet high, Gabriella came through and blew it over, with the root ball half out of the ground, it is very thorny and has been known to rip the skin right off hubby when he gets close to it. he uses our pick up truck to pull it upright (neighbors enjoyed the show) and replant it. that was in 2001, it is even bigger now.

  7. I bet when you set your mind to something, you are as stubborn as a mule. Jeep or no jeep, that bush was gonna come home with you. Glad it is thriving. :)

  8. Good Morning, I do so enjoy your comments and I am just fascinated by your home in the hollow ~ have now added you to my Blogs of Interest on my blog ~ Agree ~ everyday is a 'play day' and everyday is a 'holi day'hugs and namaste, c ~ z :)

  9. No wonder you love the Hallow so much. I did my homework and googled them yesterday. Don't move and change a thing! It's beautiful.


  10. Change is hard when you get older! We took on too much when we bought this land on a mountain top. Sometimes I think it's gonna kill us...

  11. I've enjoyed your story about the boxwood, and I think you sound like me, you're not going to be beaten by something like a 'lil' ole bush!'

    I hope you're having a good weekend!

  12. I'm glad that you were able to move the boxwood and found it a better place for it to live! I can't wait for November to get to see a picture of the new kissing ball that you are going to show us how to make!

    Have a Great Day!

  13. So glad you saved it! I love English Boxwood and I bet it is perfect by the spring house. Keep pushing for the potting shed--it sounds wonderful :)


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