Sunday, January 16, 2011

Punta Cana: We're Here

When the minibus pulled up to the hotel, we couldn't believe it!  It was beautiful.  Buildings surrounded by lush tropical plants, flowers and palm trees.  The driver got our bags out and after we tipped him, we walked inside.  We walked up to the front desk and while checking in, this gentleman appeared with a tray.  On the tray were two drinks.  They were as blue as the ocean we saw in the distance!  I turned and said, "What's this?" And as he smiled "that" smile, he said, "Ocean Blue."  So, Jennifer and I clinked our glasses together and sipped on our first Ocean Blue!  It was our "welcome drink." 

 As we walked through the foyer, we saw this ahead of us. It was absolutely glorious!  The sky was so blue as the pool!

Following the man with "that smile" to our room, we passed courtyards that were all decorated differently.

Through this vestibule and to the right was our room.  It was a hop, skip and a jump to get to the beach and although I didn't think about it the day we arrived, it certainly came in handy!    If I haven't already told you, our trip was all-inclusive.

We went to the room, threw our luggage on the racks, changed into our bathing suits and headed to the towel shack before we headed to the beach.

As we passed by one of the pools, we noticed that there was a bar in the pool.  You could either sit on a barstool  or simply swim up to the bar!

Each morning they had games for the kids and adults to play!  It was great!!
The DJ was there from 10am until the place shut down for the night!

When you walked around the resort, there were small paved roads that connected everything.  We chose to walk.  However, they had these small buses that would drive you wherever you wanted to go.  There were seven restaurants each hosting a different cuisine.  Rather than me telling you all the details, check out the link for yourself!  Ocean Blue Punta Cana Resort.

Come back tomorrow...for our first adventure:

to be continued...

Meeting the KGB


  1. Sooo beautiful and warm looking. Can't wait to hear about your first adventure!

  2. Looks lovely and it's nice to sit here and dream about swimming in the ocean, one of my favorite things.

  3. Ahhh. Brings back good memories of tropical vacas...

  4. That sounds wonderful right about now!! I can almost feel the Carribean breeze!

  5. should get some good relaxation in ;-)

  6. Gorgeous! Wish I were there right now! :)

  7. Whew - I wouldn't mind being there right now! sandie


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