Friday, January 21, 2011

Punta Cana: An Injury

Our last full day was today.  So we decided to walk down to the shops that were scattered along the beach down a ways from our hotel.  We would be safe. After all, the KGB wasn't far behind!

We ate a bigger lunch that day because we really wanted to focus in on consuming fluids.

Here it was our last day and even the bartender on the beach knew it!
For today, he was making our drinks so strong that they were much darker than they were previously.  We laughed.  We called them Blue Thunder!

No rock wall climbing for me today!  I needed to stay focused.

Fun in the sun and remember to drink lots of I am, getting mine...LOL!

"Just one more", I told Jennifer.  But, between you and I, I think this is the one that got to me!

Jennifer took some final shots of the beach and the resort that last

I, lay peacefully...well not really...more like TOO DRUNK TO GET UP OFF THE CHAIR!
Then, when it was just about dark, Jennifer said, "Mommy, you have to get up and walk to the room."  Everyone has left the beach.  Just walk straight to the room and don't stop until you get there."
I crawled into bed, slipping under the sheets in my bathing suit with sand all over my body.  Hey...I've always been an ardent believer in exfoliation!!

This is NOT something that I'm proud of.  In fact, I'm ashamed that I let myself get in this predicament.  But, we all make mistakes and I've forgiven myself.  So where they heck are the KGB now?  Now when I could use some help walking!  They probably saw me like this and said, "cheap date...she can't hold her liquor...she's no fun!"
to be continued...

P.S  I've linked this post up with Lisa's Memory Lane Fridays: An Injury
over at Two Bear and Three Cubs Farm because according to the definition:

in·ju·ry n. pl. in·ju·ries 1. Damage or harm done to or suffered by a person or thing
I was injured!!


  1. HA!! i had to scroll see what led up to this liquor filled ending! haha!!

    ...i totally agree with you...SPEEDO's!!?? ugh! ONLY if you're an olympic swimmer!

    sounds like a fun vacation! food...sand...adventure...more sand...beach...drinks...sand, in places where you don't want...and let's not forget the KGB...who think they look sexy in their speedo's! hahahaaaaa!!!!

  2. Ha! We've all been there. I wrote a post for a link up a couple of weeks ago about being drunk in New Orleans, but then I never worked up the nerve to actually post it. It's hanging out in draft mode.

  3. I like the picture of you getting a drink out of that vessel of water. Can't wait to see or hear about the accident waiting to happen.
    ta ta for now from Iowa -13 but it's sunny:)
    the bread I made yesterday was delicious~!

  4. if that was a blue thunder in that CUP, you may not make it home at all. ha ha. love the beaches and looks like fun to me

  5. Oh I HATE getting drunk. That gross, "kill-me-now" feeling that hits you afterwards and the wretching... :)

  6. Funny!..been there, done that!...I know I can relate.


  7. I loved the "drinking the BIG drink" photo!

    What an adventure!

  8. I don't miss getting drunk, but when I was young, I thought I was invincible, you know, Super Woman that no drink can take me under - yeah, well, we all know how that ends up LOL

    Talking about filling up on liquids - that BIG thirst in the morning seems relentless...

  9. That was so fuuny - and I must admit I have been there once and never again - it was awful!


  10. You were on vacation. You were allowed some indescretions. ;)

  11. The pictures are just beautiful! That is funny how the bartender knew it was your last day there! lol

    Have a Great Weekend!


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