Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Punta Cana: Feasting

That first night and each night thereafter, we ate at a different restaurant.  This was taken in the Main Dining Hall where they had huge buffets of anything you could possibly imagine.

Yep, the KGB was there that night.  Although they had clothes on, they still "creeped us out."  We just kept eating and then went up to the dessert bar.  As we filled a 10 inch dinner plate with different desserts, they approached once again.  Once again we declined their invitation.  When they walked away, my daughter kept an eye on where they went.  They went to sit with THEIR WIVES!!!!
They were DOUBLE AGENTS...we laughed again!!!

to be continued...


  1. I want to see a picture of the agents! Maybe they just wanted to have a friendly cultural exchange..............

  2. Oy vey!!! Persistent little cusses! :)

  3. KGB double agents
    The food on those buffet tables are just too much for me. It all looks good an then my stomach is full before I get a chance to try out everything I put on my plate.:( overload..~!
    ta ta for now from Iowa...

  4. You had such a great time - looked like so much fun - minus the KGB.


  5. They were DOUBLE AGENTS..... LOL!!!! :-) :-)

  6. You lost me at Dessert Bar with 10 inch plates! lol

    Have a Great Weekend!


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