Monday, January 31, 2011

The Paddle Boat (Part 2)

"Thump" again!  Terrified, I looked at Jennifer and said, "I'm going over the side to see what's going on.  You stay put."

"Mommy, I'll go," said Jennifer.  "You stay here."

"Quiet," I said.  "I'm the mother and there's no way I want anything to happen to you if you go in that water.  Now stay put.  I'll be fine."

Looking over the side of the boat, we still couldn't see anything except a darker shadow that was almost underneath us.  It wasn't the shadow from the boat though, because the sun was no longer above us.  It was already it the Western sky.

So, turning my legs and placing them up and onto the side of the paddleboat, I hoisted my body up and jumped in.  Oh my goodness!  I nearly killed myself from the impact!  When I landed, my knees buckled and almost hit me in the chin!  We were stranded on top a sandbar and some rocks!  When I straightened my legs and stood up, the water was only a few inches above my knees!

We laughed and laughed and laughed so hard, I really thought that we were going to pee our bottoms!  Then I attempted to free us, pushing and pushing on the boat until I was able to get it off and out into the deeper water.  Once I had the paddleboat in water that was about shoulder deep, the next step was climb back in.

Well, have you ever seen a woman wearing a bikini, try to get into a floating object?  It apparently was quite hysterical, according to my mother-in-law and husband who were on the beach watching this whole episode!  I'd throw my leg up and onto the side, but couldn't get my you know what up out of the water and over to accompany the leg!!! 

Finally, after many failed attempts I was in.  We decided that we'd had enough for the day and were heading back to shore.  Returning the paddle-boat, we walked down to our blanket and chairs, laughing and giggling the entire way saying how much our legs felt like rubber!

Oh, and one more thing...we were only out there a total of 35 minutes!

P.S.  The picture?  It's of the boardwalk that winds through the mangroves to get to the beach.


  1. All's well that ends well!

    I don't do water....never learned to swim. I wouldn't have been in the boat in the first place.

  2. That is hysterical Pam,I was thinking "don't get off into the water, it might be a whale or something" a sandbar indeed..I would have stayed on the boat until the owner came to fetch me! Lovely boardwalk.

  3. You are so funny. I can just see you trying to get back in that paddle-boat. Why wasn't hubby coming to help? I guess he knew you were not really in danger.

  4. Oh that is funny! Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to jump in the water at SML when I was 32 weeks preggo w/ the twins? I was so clumsy I got hung up by a nail on the dock - I was flailing all over (and flashing more than was decent) and my mom had to come fish me out. We laughed so hard over that.

  5. Isn't it great how we can laugh at ourselves ~ so glad you got safely back into the boat and all is well ~ wishing you the best of the day ~ hugs and namaste ~ cz:) PS ~ thanks for your great comments on my blog ~ love them! so supportive :)

  6. darn, i was hoping for a photo of the you know what trying to follow the leg in the boat. hilarious tale

  7. Hahaha! What a great story! You KNOW I was thinking it was going to be a shark or something scary!

  8. Whew! I didn't think there were sharks in the water -- but I wasn't sure what you were going to find. Glad everything turned out well. :)

  9. You are too funny! 35 minutes - enough for rubber legs, a nap in the sun, sand bars, struggling to get back into the boat. You make good use of your time!

  10. That was a GREAT story - loved it! Sandie

  11. You sure know how to get the suspense going. I still remember that bull chasing you story. I'm glad it was nothing worse than a sandbar and that you both were OK.--Inger

  12. Now that's funny! I'm glad you made it back to shore alright!

    Have a Great Week!


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