Friday, January 7, 2011

My Life: The Neighborhood (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) 4 of 4

And Margaret...sweet Margaret.  She is one of my favorites if not THE FAVORITE!  Margaret is in her 70's and has almost 200 acres.  She has given me so much with her conversations and caring ways, I will be forever grateful!  Besides, she also makes me her wonderfully delicious Pound Cake and has even been kind enough to give me the treasured recipe!  I simply adore her.  I tell her that I would like to be like her...when I grown up!  She's always smiling, always pleasant and always has kind words for everyone...well, most everyone.  She is definitely "THE GOOD."

Now, I'd like to introduce Sam to you.  Sam is a retired Secret Service man and is about to retire from Homeland Security, if he hasn't already done so.  He's single, in his early fifties and an attractive man.  Got THE picture?  The first time I met Sam, he scared the "crap" out of me.  There was a knock at the door and standing there was this tall, well-built, handsome fellow dressed in camo.  He was looking for Joe who was not home.  He began asking me all these questions about where Joe was, when did he last fire his rifle up on the ridge, etc.  I mean the questions were coming at me like a repeating rifle!  It was an regular interrogation.  Bottom line...he wanted to exchange home phone numbers.  I asked him in.  

Now remember, I worked in the banking industry for 25 years and one of my responsibilities was security training.  Logic should tell you, that, to train security, you've got to be pretty diligent and observant yourself.  So, when Sam came in, I noticed that his eyes first scanned the entire area within view then fell towards the table where our electric bill was sitting.  As we walked by the table toward the paper and pen to exchange phone numbers, I watched him straining his neck to see the bills details!  Yikes!!  First the incessant questioning and now scrutinizing my electric bill??  Not a good first impression.  To me, he's just plain nosy.  Oh, and one more juicy tidbit that you'll all just love.  He doesn't like dogs or people walking on "his" road.  That may sound a little rude on my part, but "his" road is shared by two other property owners so, in my eyes, it's not "his".  Although I use to walk there to visit Howard and Margaret, then Margaret, then Buddy on the far end, I don't walk it anymore.  However, with all that said, I would still consider him as "THE GOOD" and you'll see why.

Of course, a lot of the neighbors had told me many stories about "THE BAD and THE UGLY" people.  However, Sam told me the most...probably because of his line of work.  He doesn't like them at all!!  He doesn't even like coming on this side of the road because of "THE BAD and THE UGLY."  If Sam had his way, he'd "run them out of Dodge" so to speak!

Now remember,  stories are simply hearsay.  It just so happens that the stories involve a family that lives here on the road.  It could be a coincidence, I guess.  Yep, there are stories about:  shooting a neighbor's dog wounding her leg so she no longer has use of it;  shooting at loggers who were clear-cutting on near-by property because they were making too much noise;  throwing carpenter nails on the trails through the woods and on neighbors driveways so their vehicles/ATVs get flat tires; poaching; trying to run Sam off the road more than once; being physically abusive to his wife; gun running back in the day; hanging a huge plywood sign with the words "Dog Killers" pointing towards a neighbor's house after one of their dogs was hit by a car.  Is it also a coincidence that their house is the one that Copper shivered and quivered at as we passed?  Yep, the list of stories is endless!!

  I am not judging them.  After all,

God gave us creatures large and small
And God gave us our hearts to forgive and love them all....

even if they could be "THE BAD and THE UGLY."

So, now that you've met some of the neighbors, it is with gusto I say "Welcome to the Neighborhood!"   In your mind, you may be saying, "and where the heck is Clint Eastwood when you need him most?"
Fear not, my friends, JP knows how to shoot...and quite well, I might add.  In fact, Joe tells me, I'm a regular Annie OakleyIn fact, since moving here, I now have my concealed carry permit as well.


gld said...

I don't think we have any "ugly" in our neighborhood....maybe they are all too old!

I might like having the retired Secret Service type living near. He would be good to call in an emergency!

Have you posted the pound of my favs too. I have a good recipe but am always open to more.

I will check your recipes shortly.

TexWisGirl said...

I heard some very "Bad and Ugly" stories about the folks (actually, just the man) that built our house. Drinking, drugs, wife abuse, shooting, killing animals, threatening to shoot women and children, etc. etc. I think that's why the neighbors like us so much. We're the "Good" guys...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So stupid the possessiveness over that road. Pierce and I call it 'the secret way'. We walk it sometimes, and sometimes I run it, with Howard's blessing. But never during hunting season!

Angela said...

After reading that it makes me wonder if the Bad and Ugly is the reason why you were able to buy your house! Because the previous owners moved to get away from them perhaps?

Have a Great Weekend!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Ahhhh, the perfect neighberhood, without the bad and the ugly, you wouldn't appricate the were warned about the bad & ugly, there were only 4 neighters about 1 to 2 miles apart, when we moved up here 40 yrs ago, he turned out to be the best neighber we have every had. I enjoyed meeting your Good, Bad and Ugly.

Lille Diane said...

Loved the tour of your hood!! I think most neighborhoods have colorful people with stories to tell. I wouldn't be afraid to visit. Maybe a little if I was walking past the bad & uglies but I'd go if you would! Your pictures are beautiful!


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